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April 14th, 2011

Finally . . .

Yes, the last thing God told human beings to do with their lives on earth was to subdue it.

Isn’t the word “subdue” interesting? Unfortunately, it is open to the interpretation of individuals who lack the moral integrity to actually be caretakers and the wisdom to open up a dictionary and discover the true definition. For I will tell you right now that “subdue” and “conquer” are not synonyms. And certainly, “subdue” and “ignore,” dare I say, are opposites.

What is it that God wants us to subdue on earth? What example can we find for the correct measure and style of becoming excellent “subdue-ers?” Because “subdue” means to suppress and place in correct context. But … what?

The only two things that need to be subdued on the planet earth are arrogance and ignorance. If they are not brought under submission to rhyme and reason, they cause arrogant human beings to run amuck, displaying all of their ignorant ways.

Our definition of subduing is controlling because we fail to realize the style of our Creator and how He chooses to subdue. God subdues through three ongoing practices:

1. Free will. He gives all of His creatures and creation free will to do what they want to—from humans to whales to the platelets in the middle of the earth, shifting and causing earthquakes. There is absolutely no way that you can have a creation which is autonomous and chooses to be righteous by its own motivation if you don’t first give unconditional free will. This may be what most people mean by “unconditional love.” God’s rendition is unconditional free will.

This was put to the test two thousand years ago when God had to stand back and watch human beings ignorantly and arrogantly kill of His own spirit, which was made manifest through Jesus of Nazareth.

2. A natural space with a natural order. Yes, the second thing God gives to all of His creation is a space to live, but with a cycle of life which can be learned and mastered. Of course, you can choose to ignore the cycle and stubbornly try to forge your own path, but then you will find yourself at odds with the progression of nature’s marching orders.

3. And finally, God gives incentives. For built into the natural order are benefits, power, guidance, wisdom, boosts and exhortations for those creatures who decide to learn the game and play it well. It is the personification of spiritual Darwinism.

This is how God subdues His creation.

We, on the other hand, stick our noses up at the standards of our Creator and try to subdue the earth by conquering with our arrogance and pummeling others with our ignorance.

For instance, I become completely baffled by the notion that we can establish peace on earth by putting a rifle to the heads of dictators and cultures dissimilar to ourselves, all in the name of “establishing democracy.” Do we not understand that democracy only works when there is first a change in the hearts of people—to desire more righteous ways? Otherwise, the mob will rule with its own ridiculous notions.

You take a vote in Egypt today—a democratic one—and you will not end up with the results you want. You create democracy in Syria, and you will end up with a terrorist in charge. The key to life is not to address the freedom of speech or the freedom to vote within the communities of our world. The key is rather to subdue the earth by sharing, living and exemplifying the dangers of arrogance and the foolishness of ignorance.

We might want to start here—at home, in the United States, by removing two outstandingly anti-earth philosophies. (A) “I am it.” (B) “I have got it.”

Deep within the countenance of the American facial expression is the erroneous notion that by birthright we are beautiful, valuable and endowed with the presence and power to be reckoned with. It inhibits the pursuit of excellence and the benchmarks of achievement. Arrogance is suffocating the United States of America.

In trying to achieve enough self-awareness to make us realize that we are loved by our Creator, we have turned ourselves—each and every one—into little “self Creators,” debating whether we will give any props to God. It is something that needs to be subdued. It will not be conquered with a rifle, a missile, a vote or even biting sarcasm. It requires a mirror.

This is the reason that I still work in the arts—because movies, music, plays, articles, stories, paintings and compositions are the mirror we hold up to our society so that we can see ourselves as we are and then humbly change those things that reek of arrogance. It also is the preferred vehicle to reach the second facet of those who need to be subdued. In the process, we minister to the “I’ve got it” crowd, who wallow in their ignorance like pigs in the mud, confident of their status because they only surround themselves with other hogs. Once again, the arts are our best vehicle for displacing the scraps of stupidity with the realization of how things can work better.

If you are not being fruitful in your own life and multiplying by adding the dimension of passion to the mere essence of your presence and replenishing the earth by putting back more than you actually take out, you will probably not be ready to subdue the earth and repress the arrogance and ignorance that prevent us from evolving in grace.

Learn from your Creator. He subdues the earth by giving all of his creation free will, a natural space and a natural order, with incentives for those who make room for others. Yes, the last direction given to human beings was “subdue the earth.”

I plan on doing a little of that subduing today myself. My starting point? Finding all the arrogance which has accumulated by being bombarded by the “gospel of me” and dispelling the ignorance that has been shown to be a part of my often-cave-man thinking.

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