Eye Love You

Eye Love You (1,132)

April 30th, 2011

The light of the body is the eye”. But let us never forget—the eye can only light up what’s already been stored up there in the attic. The eye really doesn’t EN-lighten us with new insight, but rather, just brings to our attention things we already find appealing.

Over the years, as I’ve shared and counseled with young couples, I’ve realized that the correct phrase to describe their particular attraction is, “EYE love you.” Their eyes were lit up with delightful lust and affection for one another. They saw something appealing, and from that sense of awe and appreciation, they created all sorts of emotional entanglements.

This would be disheartening if we didn’t all do exactly the same thing.

It is why attractive people have an advantage in our society over the more homely. Love is more easily given to those who stimulate the eye. We will even cut them more slack when they end up being less-than-the-brightest-bulb or have other deficiencies in talent. For after all, they have given our eyes a marvelous dance.

This is also why the Bible says that “man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.” It is not trying to say that human beings are incapable of deeper contemplation, but that most of the love we express is at least initially based upon the vision set before us.

Actually, there is an importance to “EYE love you.” Because bluntly, everybody has a need to be desired. “Ugly” rarely inhibits ego. Even if we’re unattractive, we still require at least the notion that somebody is uncontrollably drawn to our visage. It is vain and it is temporary. But it is human.

If you remove all the lust from love, you take away a good portion of the passion, and also the heat that generates the first fruits of commitment. So although we all have cautionary tales to share with our offspring about being too enveloped by infatuation, we must be careful not to be hypocritical, considering the evidence of how each and every one of us is also somewhat a slave to our own eyeballs.

EYE love you.

It is real. It is powerful. It is what manifests sexual chemistry and keeps procreation in business. Can you have love without the “eye” being, at the very least, appeased? I’m not so sure. Because even when love comes from a different direction—via more noble sentiments—we eventually do begin to see the person with greater sense of beauty. And it is not limited to an exchange between opposite sexes. Men are drawn to handsome men and women are certainly admiring of beautiful women.

The problem in our society is that we bounce amongst the many choices, extolling one over another for a season, only to make fun of our choices later on. Don’t lose the sensual part of love or you sacrifice some of its energy to legalism.

EYE love you. It is the first “eye” in love. And even though I have never considered myself to be handsome, I do fastidiously work on making my outer shell as viable to others as possible. Why? Because there aren’t many gifts we can give to a stranger. We should not incriminate them because they are less-than-friendly to our obtuse physical presentation.

In other words, clean yourself up and stop judging people because they judge. I grow weary of folks who say, “Judge not lest you be judged” when we darned-tootin’ well know that it is in the nature of our species to do so. Our job is to make sure we don’t give them extra ammunition to riddle us with critique.

Eye love you.

It should neither be criticized, nor reverenced. It is the animal magnetism that creates immediate attractions which can often dissipate with either the first romantic encounter or even sometimes by spending fifteen minutes listening to the person talk. It is our first “eye.”

More to come.

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