Doctor Will God

Doctor Will God (1,142)

May 10th, 2011

I have a sister-in-law in Ohio and a daughter-in-law in China. It seemed for a while that the only linking they would ever have is Wal-Mart.

And then the March 2011 came along. Practically on the same day of the same week, both of them suffered grave circumstances—the girl in China from complications through pregnancy that led to seizures and near death, and the woman in Ohio from being struck and mortally wounded in a hit-and-run car accident. The prospects were grim, the prognosis fatal, in both cases.

Prayers went forth. Medical knowledge went to work, and the passion of two women was enacted. Many of you prayed. Thanks be to God.

For both of these women are now fully recovered—against all odds—and on their way back to being the people they always dreamed they would be.

I wanted to take a moment today to inform you of these miracles, but also to decry those who over-emphasize one aspect of the procedure over another. For the individuals who deem themselves to be intellectually superior often extol the wonders and virtues of the medical field. Then there are those who insist it is human energy that keeps us alive in such events. And of course, the more fervently religious proclaim that God is in control of all such manifestations.

Honestly, I grow weary of situations where we are expected to go extreme—one way or another—rather than appreciating the chemistry of completion built into the creation and the natural order.

When somebody asked me what I thought happened with these two wonderful women, my answer was simple. “Doctor Will God. He is amazing. Or maybe it’s she… with Will referring to Wilhelmina. I don’t care.”

Doctor Will God is the source of all healings in life. “Doctor,” because nothing happens until we correctly use what we know. I can tell you this: Will power and God have been around for thousands of years, but until we discovered antibiotics, blood transfusions, X-rays and found medicines with effective remedies, people died like flies. Doctors are important—and the good ones know their place in the treatment. They bring what they know and use it as efficiently and effectively as possible, and then they stand back and pass the baton to Will.

As King David said in the Psalms, “How fearfully and wonderfully we are made!” The human body is the most bizarre blending of resilient and fragile in the entire universe. The two tensions are held together by human will and desire, because without a will to live and a penchant for fighting, what doctors do has limited effect. My lady from China and the woman from Ohio had the will to live. They both had families, visions for the future, humor and just enough gutsiness to not give into circumstances.


When they joined their wills with Doctor, they formed two-thirds of a team to make the beginnings of a new creation.

And then there’s God. Jesus called Him a Father. He is so thrilled when the knowledge of doctors and the will to live is brought to Him in supplication so that He might use ALL the aspects of the human anatomy—even those that are yet unknown to the doctors and untouched by our own pursuit—to set a new direction for what will be deemed a miracle.

The interesting thing about my sister-in-law in Ohio is that before the accident she was nearly blind in one of her eyes, and now, through her recovery, she can see perfectly. How can THAT happen? And my daughter-in-law in China went into the hospital as a broken vessel and came back out whole—and with a new healthy baby. Wow.

It is why we continue to believe in God and include Him in all of our projects—because the doctors don’t know everything. And our will, without faith, is incapable of moving mountains.

It takes all three. It takes what we know, what we desire and who our Father is. So I thought you would like to know that your prayers were answered—because these two beautiful human beings had the will to live and hooked up with doctors who used what they know.

Doctor Will God. He is always on duty and rarely will you find Him at the golf course.

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