Custody (1,148)

May 16th, 2011

Have you heard the rumor?

It seems that the Gossip Glee Club is singing out the latest tune of the most recent break-up. Yes, from what I hear, there is a divorce in the making—or at least a separation of purposes. People are already choosing up sides and the children are bracing for a custody battle, each one of the little tots trying to determine whether they want to live with Mother or Father. Unfortunately, as is often the case, all the vicious tales are untrue.

Mother Nature and Father God are happily wedded.

So all the children out there need to calm down and understand their place in the household of humanity and stop trying to tear these two inseparable lovers apart. Because that’s what’s happening. Those who rebel against God’s authority, concepts of human decency and ethics want to come and be coddled by Mother Nature. And those who despise the natural order and think that life on earth is unfair draw near to the breast and bosom of God to be protected from the responsibility of living a decent life on this planet.

It seems there is no one who understands that when you insult Mother Nature and ignore the principles that make this planet work, you are slapping God in the face.

And there seems to be no one on the other side who worships nature, ignoring the Supreme Designer, who grasps that Mother has no intention of living out her purpose without Father in the household.

This is the power of the message of Jesus: “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” “You can discern the face of the sky but you cannot discern the signs of your times.”

We are called as children of earth to respect our Mother and to honor our Father. There is no custody battle here—no pending divorce to throw us into fussiness about where we will end up laying our heads. Some people already believe that they spend the week with Mother and only have visitation with Father on the weekends. (We call that church.) And there are folks who believe they are only responsible to their heavenly Father and don’t do anything to have an awareness of Mother Earth and the other children who dwell in the atmosphere alongside them.

Wake up. Stop trying to separate a couple who have survived billions of lifetimes like your own. There is no custody battle. I am not living merely in the household of Mother Earth nor am I dwelling in the heavens with my Father. I am a child of both parents—and as a child of both parents, I respect the work of my mother and how she takes care of her own house and I grant great homage to my Father for giving me the seeds of life, the moral fiber and the spiritual function to overcome.

We will be successful in spirituality when we balance our approach by giving place to both parents—my Father in heaven and my Mother on earth. If the children will stop trying to break up this holy marriage of the cosmos, then we will once and for all begin to be worthy offspring of this glorious abode.

You heard it here: Mother Earth and Father God are still madly in love…and hot for each other.

Don’t listen to the tabloids. And don’t become part of the bratty children who want to prefer one over another. Sit back and enjoy the blessings of being a part of a regal family.

Mom and Dad are home. Everything is all right.

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