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June 15th, 2011

Last night I put on my show in Royal Center, Indiana. Honestly, when I arrived, no one was particularly thrilled that I had come to share with them, because as people often do, they were caught up in their own activities and pursuits. I hope you realize I am not being critical—I understand this. People don’t owe me anything—and that even includes their attention.

This is why I am so exhausted with all the campaigns by conservatives and liberals as they promote the right and left. Extremes are what cause us to believe that we are owed something that was never meant to be guaranteed.

I loved the name of the town—Royal Center—because that’s what I feel that I’ve found in my life: the royal center. I have discovered a comfortable chair in my soul where I have eliminated some of the foolish sense of need that used to cause me to be extremely obnoxious. The royal center:

1. No need to argue. I know there are people who enjoy it—but unless you are sure you’re with someone equally thrilled with arguing, I would suggest that you temper your desire to pursue the practice. No need to argue. Why? Because I have been wrong enough times in my life that I don’t need to fuss with you; and candidly, I know that you are wrong frequently enough that all I have to do is just wait for things to play out. For after all, I’ve never argued my way into changing someone’s mind. I have shared with folks and seen compromise and I have set an example and watched them quietly imitate it (usually without giving me any credit). The royal center is when we have no need to argue with anyone.

2. No need to fear. Fear is the absence of love. Love is the presence of God. God is when we finally grow weary of fear. I just don’t think there’s a need to be afraid. If what we believe is true and God does care for us and there is a heaven, is there not provision in both worlds? I grow absolutely exasperated with those who feel the need to motivate me by trying to scare the crap out of me. The royal center is when we have no need to fear.

3. No need to judge. When we come to the conclusion that our life is important enough that it should be lived out loud and proud, with great gusto, we will suddenly discover that we have very little time and energy left to interfere in the affairs of others. True maturity is when we discover that we judge other people because we are secretly frightened that they might be having more fun that we are. I will guarantee you—no one is having more fun than me. I am independent, free-thinking, spirited, humorous and downright unpredictable. Why would I feel the need to judge anyone else? The royal center is when we decide that there is no need to judge our fellow-travelers.

4. No need to worry. I have discovered that worry is what I do when I stop doing what I know to do and start wondering why God isn’t doing more. When I consider what my involvement is in a project, I take the precaution of not budgeting in God’s portion, but rather, letting Him input as He deems necessary. So if my car payment is $313.55, I don’t merely bring $221 of it and then wait for God to pitch in. I set out to get the whole amount, and then if God decides to chip in with a little extra blessing, well … so much the better. Worry is the absence of doing and the presence of presumptuous, nervous waiting. The royal center is when we no longer need to worry.

5. And finally—there is no need to be needy. Would you agree with me that no one EVER got what they wanted by insisting they need it? I never met a satisfied person who pursued a complaining path. And I never discovered anyone who overcame poverty by groaning about their bank account. Right or wrong, people give to other people based upon how giving they feel those other folks are. Some would say that’s not righteous. Of course, they would be wrong—because I don’t give to anyone who is not a giver, and the first thing needy people do is stop giving. It is the greatest piece of foolishness that a person in desperate straits can ever select. No—if you keep giving a portion of what you’ve got, someone else will notice when you run out, so you don’t have to blow a trumpet or fall over dead to prove your lack. The royal center in life is no need to be needy.

So my dear, sweet friends whom I met last night—may you join me in the royal center? Because I feel those people going right and left are actually just looking for an exit. I, personally, am in no hurry to leave. And because of that, I feel no need to argue, no need to fear, no need to judge, no need to worry and no need to be needy.

It is truly the royal center. And the beautiful part about it is that you can do it anywhere—not just in Indiana.

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