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July 3rd, 2011

In preparation for this year’s celebration of the independence of our great country—the United States of America—a rather startling discovery was made. It seems that even though for centuries the American people, the government and even its leaders had claimed God as a citizen, it turns out He never actually took the test. Those in power, feeling fairly embarrassed by the oversight, decided it would be much more appropriate to fill out an application for citizenship for the Almighty instead of bothering Him with cumbersome details and tedious waiting in line.

So a commission of three Biblical scholars and three historians were placed together in a room to pour over existing information on the Lord God and fill in the application for Him, and as a special added commemoration on July 4th, to announce to the people at large that God was now officially “one of us.”

Some problems arose. When placing the Constitution next to the information provided about the Heavenly One, the basic right to freedom of speech seemed to have been infringed upon by God at various times in His history, even with the occasional striking of people dumb for not uttering the correct words.

In addition, there seemed to be a possible pattern of denying freedom of religion to those He came in contact with, rather fervently and even violently insisting that they worship one God and Him only to serve.

What the historians thought was going to be a given—the “all men are created equal” part of the Declaration of Independence—ended up raising a few red flags when the research uncovered a favoritism towards a “chosen people.”

Equal rights for women was a real toss-up, with the Bible being filled with females of great ilk and power, but many scriptures denouncing their privilege to speak in public or be considered toe-to-toe with their male counterparts.

Slavery was a real problem. It seems that slavery had at one time been attributed to being God’s idea. Some theologians even insisted that the punishment placed on Cain—the mark of disgrace—was to blacken his skin. Even though many of these ideas had evolved as people gained insight and understanding of one another, there was always that, if you’ll pardon the expression, “mark” on God’s permanent record.

Then they came to trial by jury. God, it seems, would often forego due process. Historically and Biblically, God did not always allow for twelve peers to sit in a box and decide matters. It seems He often selected to jump right to plagues, locusts and slaying of first-borns when He was trying to exact justice.

Also there was an issue with God not favoring a representative form of government, but instead, anointing kings, queens and royal houses, who often ended up being a little bit less-than-royal, shall we say?

The shocking result, after completing the citizenship exam in proxy for God was that based upon the information provided, God was not ready, willing or even worthy to be an American citizen. This was troubling, as you can imagine. Such an announcement made on Independence Day could certainly serve to dim a few Roman candles.

So here was the problem. Should the information be released, disguised, distorted, or just lied about? All four things seemed to be pretty American. As deliberations proceeded, one of the members of the committee received a tweet. Yes, it was a tweet. It was from God. It came in several parts and was pieced together patiently by the entire review board. Here is the substance of the message:

Thank you very much for considering Me for citizenship in the United States of America. I must decline your kind offer because My kingdom is not of this world. I have a universe wherein I roam, and if I insisted on proclaiming a home address with you fine folks, you can understand there might be grumbling from other dimensions.

I also wanted to clear up some misconceptions. Not everything you read about Me is—pardon the expression—gospel. People wrote what they understood in the moment they understood it, later to be a little embarrassed by their lack of understanding. There are really only two things you need to remember about Me in evaluating how I am relevant to your lives, society or even government.

First, I am no respecter of persons. In other words, I don’t care whether it’s a woman, a man, a Russian, a Chinese, a Jew, an Arab or an American. I love you all the same and have given you a wonderful earth wherein you can either succeed or become selfish and destroy one another. In my kingdom there is neither male nor female, slave nor free—because he whom I have set free is free indeed.

Secondly and most important for you to remember is that I look on the heart, not the outward appearance. So while other people are worried about laws, judgments and order, I peer deeply inside the human consciousness to find the true motivation. Honestly—it saves time—because humans are very good at a great show that they can’t back up from the inside out.

So once again, thank you for your kind offer, but I must decline. Because if I became an American, what would my lovely children in China, Russia, Syria, Korea, Iran, and even Luxembourg think?

But it is my great hope that you will one day become citizens of my country. It is what you call heaven—and there is only one question you ever need answer to gain entrance: did you do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

P.S. Happy Freedom! — God

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