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August 5th, 2011

People are one of the main reasons I pursue believing in God. It wasn’t always that way for me. Actually, human beings were often a deterrent to my faith in the Almighty. I would get in a bad mood and wonder why the Father in heaven didn’t kill all the children who weren’t exactly like me. I had many suggestions about individuals on whom He should take revenge. The reason I felt this way? I was trying to receive confirmation of my value from the approval of others.

It’s a big mistake.

The Bible makes it clear that when people are at their best, they love their neighbor as themselves. Therefore, when I am in a particularly vulnerable state—in need of tender embracing—other folks just might be busy trying to maintain their own equilibrium and fail to provide me my demanded attention. It’s not their fault. Nobody on earth signed up to be either my mentor or my fan.

But it takes time to realize this. Now I do what I do as well as I can do it, to the level where enjoyment is still plausible, and find my peace of mind in the accomplishment rather than the applause. Don’t get me wrong—I still enjoy receiving the accolades. Shoot, I’m human. But that smattering of “Attaboys” is like gravy on well-prepared mashed potatoes—not necessary because of bland potatoes, just a blessing poured over the top to enhance the flavor.

Last night as I sat at my book table in Fayetteville, New York, I was greeted and accepted by a lovely audience. Many folks have things they say, well wishing to offer and insights to proffer. I love them all. But there was one older gentleman who came to the table—nearly speechless—with tears in his eyes, who said six magical words. Basically, they were all he spoke, and after he finished his brief soliloquy, he quietly walked away.

“Just keep doing what you do.”

I’m sure as he drove home, he probably criticized himself internally for not coming across as “profound” as he desired to be. He might even have wondered if I thought his statement was trivial—but actually, it was the most meaningful thing I’ve heard in a long time. Because honestly, my sweet friends, I can only do what I do, for if I do anything else, it’s an imitation of someone other than me, or something beyond my comprehension, and therefore false. “False” is what scares me more than anything else. As long as I don’t have to pretend or lie, I don’t have to ever remember whether what I said was real or fake.

I do what I do. And to have somebody encourage me to keep doing it is the nourishment my emotions require for rejuvenation. I responded with six words of my own.

“With God’s help, I will continue.”

It’s why I need God’s help, you know. God doesn’t help me be creative—He made me creative and now grants me free license to use it at my whim. God doesn’t make me righteous; He accounts unto me as righteousness the things I do with a pure heart. No, God gives me the strength to continue to use a physical body to attempt to perform eternal endeavors.

You can see why I need His help.

I want to thank that fine gentleman for taking six words and turning them into a spiritual energy bar for my soul. I also want to thank God for helping me have the power to continue. Because someday when it’s all done and I’ve written the last words, sung the last song and traveled the last mile, I am looking forward to meeting my dear Friend who occupies the skies. I desire to hear six words from Him:

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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