The Difference — September 24, 2011



I am overjoyed for any one of my fellow-travelers who makes a decision to live off the land, growing his own crops, hunting animals with a shotgun for food or pleasure, wearing all black, driving a horse and buggy, refusing to watch TV and movies or even be electrically connected, while faithfully following the letter of the law of any particular book or creed of his choice–for he is a conservative and I honor him in his ways…as long as he leaves me alone and doesn’t insist I am evil or damned because I won’t join him in his hallowed fields. But if he attacks my life and degrades my character to confirm his divine mission, then he is a misfit and a hater of human-kind.

Also, if a fellow contends that Darwin had the pulse on evolution and that science and technology are supreme notions, with knowledge trumping all gods from everywhere as he recycles and fervently protests on behalf of endangered species, he is a liberal–and I honor his decisions, unless he claims that I am hopelessly ignorant and superstitious if I don’t step in line with his experimental findings and curse the beliefs he deems to be myths and Neanderthal. If he attacks my convictions and degrades my intelligence to confirm his intellectual or even social superiority, then he is a misfit and hater of human-kind.

You can feel free to choose up sides on liberal and conservative, but without the balance of the two, we might fall off the earth, be it flat OR round. But when conservatives and liberals become not only evangelistic, but gain authority to propel their will, overriding the wishes of others, then they are misfits and haters of human-kind.

And may I tell them that someday they will meet the Creator of those people that they so desperately despise…and therein will be the ultimate difference.

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