Early Morning Rain — October 14, 2011


4:13 A.M. 

I awoke.  Not sure why.  I’m not startled–my heart is not racing.  Just eyes fully reaching towards the ceiling.  Then a sound. Almost like a scratching.  Maybe better stated–a rustling. Very slight, right outside my door. I couldn’t imagine what it could be.  I suppose my initial instinct was to be nervous or concerned but maybe it’s the fact that the bed covers are warm and my pillow has found the perfect position for comfort and tenderness, but I have no instincts to rise and check out anything. Yet … the sound gets louder. Not a brash, blaring but rather, a gradual increase in intensity.  It is rhythmic and regular–so much so that I am sure it can’t be an intruder. Then all at once the mysterious “unknown” from beyond my door becomes quite obvious. 

It’s the falling of rain.  Early morning rain.

God, I love early morning rain–especially when it is so courteous and sweet, arriving without thunder or lightning–just the pelting of rain against the door and sidewalk beyond. I think what I like most about it is that it offers the benefits without the actual intrusion. In other words, the earth receives its moisture but I don’t have to walk in it, struggle through it, decide on clothing for it or drive in it. Yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful if all rain came before dawn and finished as the sun rose, gradually drying up by the noon-day meal?

But rain is rain. And I am me. And life is life. It’s a pretty good system when I don’t choose to be grouchy. But on this particular day it was absolutely marvelous to be in my bed, rubbing a blanket against my cheek, listening to the rain do its business and bidding without any need for my involvement or intervention.

As quickly as it came, it began to dissipate, eventually going back to its original slight rustle…and then it was gone. It reminded me of an old lady coming out into her front yard with a decrepit, metal can to sprinkle water on her flowers, only to disappear back into the house to never be seen again for the rest of the day. So sweet and simple.  So easy.

It got me thinking.  (Well, perhaps you don’t actually think that early in the morning.  Rather, you allow the better self of your sleepy emotions to muse great truths in a childlike way. I giggled … because I suddenly figured something out. It was so fragile and simple that I was afraid to think about it too long because some objection might come into my mind to destroy the kind reasoning.

Life was easy; life was logical. 

And here it is: Mother Nature takes care of earth, I take care of me, granting you mercy to do the same for yourself. You take care of you, giving me the equality I so desperately require, and Father God shall supply the need according to His riches in glory. 



Jonathan sings “Let”

Jonathan Sings “Spent This Time”

Jonathan and his partner, Janet Clazzy, play “The Call”

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