Magnificence — October 30, 2011


I can’t live my life knowing I am secretly plotting my own assassination.

I can’t pretend that sheer effort always produces desired results.

I can’t tolerate the intolerant.

I can’t abandon faith to preserve a sense of convenience.

Another day passes …

I won’t continue to propagate notions of seeming sensibility which actually carry no weight of common sense.

I won’t recite ritual to mollify the ritualistic and pious.

I won’t listen to mouths with empty heads.

I won’t agree to avoid discussion—and even conflict—to deter the power of necessary disagreement.

Time trudges on …

I don’t believe in any doctrine or philosophy that fails to include all the aspects of my humanity.

I don’t understand why I am often my own worst adversary, struggling with attitudes which are obviously deadly.

I don’t possess the hope that renders the faith that makes me comfortable that I am divinely inspired.

I don’t care enough to be totally trusted.

I am broken.

Yet it is the way I am truly assured that wholeness is possible.

Human life.


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