What People Say About Cring & Clazzy

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Recent Recommendations

Hello Jonathan and Janet, Our folks just loved your music, fun spirit and words of wisdom and preaching.   I know you are a traveling ministry team much like our old Methodist itenerant traveling pastors 150 years ago.  It is good to have a group like you and Janet come to our church and share the love of the Lord through music and message.  We enjoyed all aspects.  It is a welcome break from the usual sermon, choir, handbells and praise team we offer each week.  Thanks for the delightful variety.  I hope your walking gets better from your fall.     You both are amazingly talented and God’s presence and spirit was felt at every service. I wish you both safe travels and a blessing as you continue to minister to local churches across the country. Blessings, Pastor Bob Vale, Osceola United Methodist Church, Osceola, IN

Jonathan:  Thank you for your lovely note. You, Janet and Dollie are on my new brother and sisters in Christ list and am so fortunate to do so. Your program and testimony(s) last evening were wonderful and yes, everyone there was blessed. Whether an intimate gathering or a large venue, Cring and Clazzy know how to keep their guests thinking, contemplating, laughing and praising our God and His Son!Enjoy your time in Nashville visiting over the Thanksgiving holidays. Prayers for continued safe travels, continued strength in those knees Richard, and continued strength through the power of our Lord and Savior! Prayers, hugs and comfort, Brenda Haymore, Director of Music, St. Mark United Methodist Church, Knoxville, TN

Dear Jonathan, I hope my short but passionate words to you as we embraced conveyed my deep appreciation of your ministry. I do also appreciate your admiration but here’s the thing. After 33 years of ordained ministry, I could still recognize the work of the Holy Spirit in connecting us and know enough to get out of the Spirit’s way.  I am so glad I did. You lit a fire in our hearts. As of this morning, the President of the Congregation had already read your book and found your observations positively stimulating. The worship leader of our Praise Team, Carolyn Bailey, said it best. At the conclusion of the concert, she whispered “that is one of the best things I have ever been a part of.” She was not wrong. Thank you for your ministry…for your kindness…for reminding me again why I do what I do.  Peace, Mark Schuring, Pastor, Emanuel Lutheran Church, Marion, OH

Jonathan:  I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about you and Janet’s performance on Sunday.  Someone came in to talk to me yesterday and said they were doing evaluations and kept in mind “No one is better than anyone else.”  Thank you for your uplifting music and storytelling.  You are in my prayers as you travel.  Be Safe and God’s Peace,  Terri Koca, Trinity United Methodist Church, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Jonathan: Thank you for your email, and for your words and music this weekend.  As I mentioned, I found particularly heartening your story reminding us that the label that defines us first and foremost is Christian – not Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, etc.  As you travel around this great state, I hope you are able to share this message with others.  And, as a fellow co-worker of the Gospel of Christ, I pray for your, along with Janet and Dollies, health and safety.  May God continue to bless you, and bless the good work that you are doing,  In His Name, Kurt Billings, St. James Lutheran Church, Verona, Wisconsin

They are still talking about you two! Thank you so much for bringing God here in a unique and thoughtful way. If ever in our area again, please let us know.   The response was even better than those MN people! Jim Ahlquist, Pastor, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Brookfield, WI August 9-10, 2014

Thank you my friend and no that you gave all of us a beautiful gift of love. Your friend always. Bill Deaton, Pastor, Salem United Methodist Church, Fond du Lac, WI July 19-20, 2014

Jonathan and Janet, I trust you arrived at your next destination and found some rejuvenating rest. Thank you for sharing a beautifully uplifting message in each worship. I received great feedback about how the Spirit moved hearts and people experienced worship in a new way this weekend. It was a true blessing to see God’s giftedness to you unfold with us as you continue to “spread seed.” It was a pleasure to welcome you and share worship. Thank you too for your kind words. One of my core Christian values is to offer hospitality to all I meet. May God continue to bless you with creative expression of the Gospel, Krysta Deede, Assoc Pastor, Cargill United Methodist Church, Janesville, WI July 5-6, 2014

Good morning Jonathan, Thank you so much for your visit to our church this past Sunday. I have heard many positive remarks on how much people enjoyed it. I would also like to offer you and Janet a personal thank you for providing me with the opportunity to celebrate with my son and not have to worry about what would be happening on Sunday morning. The wedding went well and everyone is still exhausted! Blessings on your travels. Pastor Monty Fox, Cherry Valley United Methodist Church, Cherry Valley, IL, June 22, 2014

Jonathan, So glad you and Janet came! The program was wonderful and everyone who came was blessed for it. May God be with you on your travels and in your great ministry. Blessings, Muriel Morley Jahn, Pastor, St. John’s UCC, June 22, 2014


Dear Jonathan & Janet, Your presence and presentation were a great blessings to Burlington United Methodist Church. It was a great revival for the church as it affirmed what I have been encouraging members about a relationship with Jesus as faithful disciples. I was enriched by your presentation of the gospel from a different approach to get the message across. I sent walked into the office this morning two ladies praised the whole program and how wonderful it was. As I shared with you yesterday many people came up to me wondering whether you will come back. Thanks for the opportunity of great fellowship and will be more than willing to help make your future visits to Wisconsin welcoming and a blessing. Ebenezer Insor, Sr. Pastor, Burlington United Methodist Church, Burlington, WI June 15, 2014

Jonathan: It was great to have you among us. I appreciated and enjoyed your sharing with us. Please let us know if you ever pass through Terre Haute again. You can take a rain check on that luncheon opportunity, and collect the next time we meet! God’s blessings to you and Janet, and safe travels on the road. David Rockhill, Pastor, Maple Avenue UMC, Terre Haute, IN June 1st, 2014

Just returned from a week in Indy for Annual Conference …Thank you, Jonathon! We thoroughly enjoyed your visit with us! Blessings and safe travel to you as you continue your tour. Grace and Peace, Pastor Greg Rittenhouse, Bluffton UMC, Bluffton, IN May 25, 2014

As I ponder the evening first let me say that your graciousness and love for Christ is very apparent! You ministered to those who were present in a wonderful way. I was embarrassed at the turnout and could have used that for an opportunity to chastise the church but I know that is improper! Those who were present told me afterword that they really enjoyed the music and singing! Terry Cook, Pastor, Lexington UMC, Lexington, MO April 24, 2014

Dear Jonathan, I cannot find words that express my thanks to you and Janet for coming and touching us the way you did. My mind is reeling this morning, yet at the same time I am getting my mind wrapped around the simplicity of becoming “Jesonian.” So many of your words are ringing in my ears this morning. Thank you both for making the ezra effort to come to Paonia and We will cross paths again along the way. Be safe as you travel and teach the Jesus who lives with us this very day! Peace and Love, Pastor Charles Thompson, Paonia United Methodist Church, Paonia, CO April 12-13, 2014

Dear Janet and Jonathan, what a blessing to have had you both at St. Paul’s .I have heard nothing but praises from all the people who attended worship.. I am sorry I could not stay Sunday to tell you that in person. We look forward to having you return again. Aloha …God bless you both, Shirley Halas, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, El Paso, TX Feb 1-2, 2014

Janet and Jonathon, thank you so much for your “spirited” presence with us on Saturday and Sunday. You were an inspiration to us. May God guide your feet in the path of peace and wholeness. Blessings in Christ Jesus, our Lord, Rev. Pamela Rowley, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, El Paso, TX Feb. 1-2, 2014

Thank you Jonathan I look forward to the day our paths cross again. I heard many people express their pleasure with all three presentations, but especially Sunday evenings performance. If you are ever in the area again, please stop by the church for a cup of coffee or more. Gene Gurley, Pastor, First UMC, Gatesville, Texas January 25-26, 2014

The weekend with Spirited was wonderful, blessed, magical, inspiring and everyone at Cypress Trails enjoyed them immensely! And the music was from heaven. Geroge Cathcart, Pastor, Cypress Trails UMC, January 11-12, 2014

Jonathan & Janet, Kudos to an evening of 1st class entertainment!  Everyone enjoyed it immensely!  Jonathan’s keyboard & vocal skills along with the expertise of Janet’s magic fingers on her WX-5 Wind Machine blew me away!  Very professional and down-to-earth people to work with and I hope we have an opportunity to have them back again! Coleen Christman, Good Shepherd UMC  Fort Wayne, IN

It was my pleasure to have helped out in any small way.  I thank all of you!  Thank you for taking the time to include us in your tour. We thoroughly enjoyed it! !!! It was wonderful to have met you, your wife and Janet….and, maybe one day on this earth we’ll meet again.   Drive safe and stay well! God bless all of you!  ~ Kathy

Jonathan, Wow- were Mike and I appreciative of your Jonathots.  As I read it I thought, “I want to share this with my parents,” and “I learned this from my parents.”  I also thought to myself, “it wasn’t just me”- there were others- from one of those ‘committees’ who made the evening happen.  I had to laugh and think about your committee wisdom since it is a topic at our church at times.  :>)

Mike and I truly enjoyed meeting the 3 of you.  What talent, mission, faith, humor and inspiration you share with so many.  I was excited to be able to try to sneak in that HotWok purchase.  I told Elizabeth, our 8 year old, when I got back into the car “Now, they caught us.”  She just said, “Mom, they could think we are eating there too.”  She is so smart!!  We do enjoy eating there!  Great owners, service and food!

 I will share one thing I heard now and then yes will get you a letter from our church with input from others too. On  Monday when I was taking my girls to swimming lessons, a member of church- who heard you at service and in the evening- asked, “Who brought them to us?”   I shared that it was Dollie who called to make a visit but that I helped to make it happen.  She was as excited as I was about hearing you.

 OH, I’ll never look at frogs the same way again- or even a lily pad for that matter!!!  I saw a whole pond of them as we drove to northern MN on Tuesday (450 miles up- 11 miles south of Canada) while I was reading your book.  I’m thinking of using a few of your reasons to “Kiss a Frog” in my classroom. Take care- I hope Iowa is treating you well! Looking forward to seeing you again and enjoying more of your writing- Hi to Dollie and Janet.

 Jill, Mike, Elizabeth and Jessica

Dear Jonathan: It was a pleasure hosting the Spirited duo for two-nights. Some attended both nights, others one or the other.  All enjoyed wonderful musicianship and Jonathan’s ‘food for thought.’  Jonathan is a gifted vocalist, Janet is quite the oboist, and the wind machine is a fascinating instrumental accompaniment. Their program provided a refreshing mid-week stimulant on hot summer nights.  Blessings on your ministry, Pastor Linda Winkelman, Messiah Lutheran, Galva, Illinois

Dear Jonathan: Many thanks to you, Janet and Dollie for being with us at Triumphant this weekend. As I looked around the church at all the smiling faces, I could see how much our people were enjoying your special presentation. I was blessed by attending all three services and was pleased to see the standing ovation! Your voice is beautiful! I loved it when your voice soared to the high notes. I would just close my eyes and enjoy the sweetness of the sound. Janet is amazingly talented and entertaining, with such a variety of sounds. You two make quite a team. May God continue to bless you in your ministries! Your Jesonian Friend, Carol Snyder, Triumphant Lutheran Church, San Antonio, TX, Sunday, May 5th, 2013  P.S. Also wanted to let you know that we sometimes sing What a Friend We Have in Jesus to The Rose tune. You may have heard some people singing while the two of you were playing. That is what we were singing.

SpiriTed, in the persons of Jonathan Cring and Janet Clazzy led us in worship the Sunday after Easter.  I was looking for a program that would draw people out on this “low” Sunday.  We had a good crowd – and so much more!  Jonathan and Janet filled our sanctuary with music and touched our hearts with their message.  In addition to being delightful, friendly people; they bring a level of professionalism not often encountered, plus their music is just fabulous.  I am an interim here, but from the response we had, I’m sure that this congregation will seek to have SpiriTed back again when possible.  More than one person said to me, “Can’t we just call them as our new pastors?”  This was a great and spiritually uplifting experience for our church. Peter Nichols, Interim Pastor, Friedens UCC, Geronimo, Texas

Jackie….just a quick note – we LOVED SpiriTed….what a wonderful morning & experience.  Jonathan & Janet are a delight to know!! Thank you so much for contacting us – would love to have them back at a later date.  God’s blessings on their ministry….. Sally Dresch, Chair, Board of Deacons, Advent Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas, Sunday, March 3rd, 2012
Spirited performed for the first time at our church in February of 2013 for our Ash Wednesday service.  The entire program was excellent and well worth while but when Janet began to play her medley my jaw dropped in awe.  Not only did she play beautifully but it was a complete performance!  Through her instrument Jackie lifted us all to new heights and we could have listened to her for hours. Pastor Gabe Wright, Asbury United Methodist Church, New Port Richey, Fl, February 13, 2013

Dear Jonathan and Janet (and Dolly and Jackie!), I want to thank you so much for the experience you invited us into with “SpiriTed: Finding a Message in a World aTwitter.” I had a strong feeling that you would bring to us an opportunity to connect to our spirituality in a way that was totally unique and yet appropriate to our context, who we are. And that is exactly what you provided. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and thank you for doing it in such a generous, professional way. I was moved by your story, I resonated with your thoughts, and I was inspired by your music. And on the less-glamorous but very-important-to-me side, as a part-time pastor I really appreciate Dolly and Jackie’s work in making the process of you coming so easy. By clearly articulating your needs and expectations, we were able to provide a meaningful experience for our folks without a great expenditure of energy on my part – again, another act of amazing generosity. I will keep your ministry in my prayers and  hope you will do the same for us!Jason Fairbanks, First Congregational United Church of Christ, Lake Worth, FL,  January 2013

The concert at First Congregation United Church Of Christ On Saturday, February 19, 2013 was the most powerful concert that I have attended in a long time. The message and theme from Jonathan was perfect for what our Church needed. I did not know really what to expect but I was totally in awe by Janet’s playing of the oboe and the wind instrument. I have already inquired about their Christmas concert for this year. I have had at least 10 people talking about their Cd’s and books and what inspiration they drew from them and how reasonable the package was. In the future booking them is a no-brainer. The set-up was easy and the only surprise was the movement of the Holy Spirit, which was abundantly present.  Regards: Joe Akin Worship, Music and Arts ministry team leader, January 2013


Jonathan,  Thank you so much for taking the time to write! Those who were present for SpiriTed have raved about the service.  I appreciate you for making yourselves available and for being a blessing to Salem while I was at jurisdictional conference. Thank you also for the link to your blog about your Salem experience.  I want to print it in our August newsletter.  God’s sense of humor still catches me off guard from time to time and helps me not to take myself too seriously even as I want to give my best with God’s help and grace.  Blessings as you continue to tour! Pastor Harriet, Salem UMC, Clarksville, TN  July 15, 2012 

Hi Jonathan,   It was our pleasure to host your performance and to let you know that you both blessed our congregation very much.  Many people left feeling like we just witnessed something unique, “Spirited” and creative.  We also experienced a wonderful message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ woven through the tapestry of the presentation.  We hope the offering was a blessing to you both and we pray for your continued success and impact upon the lives of God’s people.  I will certainly pass along your kind words of appreciation. In Christ, Rev. Jeff Long, St. Peter UMC,  Blue Springs, MO, June 24, 2012

Jonathan, I hope your time with us was worth your while; it certainly was for us.  We wish every blessing on your travels and your ministry and have every confidence that the one who has begun a good work in you will certainly bring it to perfection.  You have no idea how many you reach.  We are blessed to have you and let us know if you are passing through Denver again  Peace, Pastor Todd Payne, King of Glory Lutheran Church, Arvada, CO  June 3, 2012

Thank you again for the fabulous service Sunday.  I have had so many good reports and pleas from the church that you must come this way again on your next tour to the west coast.  Sunday was an inspiration to us all; the music was exceptional; the spoken word positive, challenging and to the point; as pastor/preacher I appreciated the contact with the audience in your delivery.  We all went away understanding we are all equal in Jesus’ sight and therefore “No one is better than anyone else.” (That’s in the Bible, too).  Thank You for taking the gifts that God has given you and sharing it with our world. Jonathan and Janet, you are a blessing.  Hope to see you again; Pastor Sam, Windsor Hills Community Church, LA Mesa, CA  April 15, 2012

On March 25th Jonathan and Janet brought their Six Words tour to New Spirit Lutheran Church in Tucson, AZ.   The response of the congregation has been nothing less than “oh, when can we have them back?”  The simplicity of the message was woven with amazing music and song.   Both Jonathan and Janet bore out their adopted name, for they are truly spirited in the best sense of the word.  At the end of our Lenten journey this was a refreshing note to end Lent, and to step into the drama of Holy Week. Thank you, Jonathan and Janet!  We have been blest by your brief presence among us.    Pastor Alan Field  New Spirit Lutheran – ELCA Tucson, AZ  Sunday March 25, 2012.

Dear Jonathan, What a wonderful worship time we had together on Palm Sunday… I wanted to share with you what a God filled moment it was… After the first service, and the story you shared about the voice you heard calling out to you in the middle of the night, I thought what a powerful story that I know hit home with a lot of people… I was looking forward to hearing it again the second service… however, when you shared a different story… your story of your son getting hit by a car… I got goose bumps… not just because my heart went out to you… but because I had been working with a young man who has been in and out of jail and trying to get his life back on track… he was like the young lady you mentioned in the first service… his parents had been trying to get him to come to church for years because of the transforming power Jesus Christ would have in his life… but he always found a way to avoid it… most recently when he was in jail.. I went to visit him because his own son had been hit by a car while he was in jail… he felt totally helpless and angry because he couldn’t be there for his son… however… since he got out of jail and is on intensive probation… I have been meeting with him and building a faith-based relationship between us… the good news is he was in church the second worship service on Palm Sunday and heard your story about your son being hit by a car which opened the door for he and I to sit down and talk about his son’s accident as well… we talked about his future.. how he felt.. and who can offer the answer to his anger, frustration and doubt…  we sat together on the steps of the chancel area in the sanctuary and talked, cried and then reaffirmed his willingness to  participate in our Maundy Thursday worship service where we will be doing the Living Dramatization of The Last Supper…  and he will be playing Thomas…  God really does work in marvelous ways… May God continue to bless you and use you as instruments of God’s will…. In God’s Grace, Rev. Bob Holliday   First United Methodist Church of Safford, AZ,  April 1, 2012

What a joy it was to have SpiriTed here with us yesterday.  I have so many memories of the morning.  I especially love how you eloquently reminded us in word and song that we worship Jesus, not Fox news or CNN, not Republican or Democrat.  Our church is facing so many influences that distract us from our task to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this world.  And your message during Sunday School was spot on—what do we do with the fragments of a miracle?  How do we allow God’s miracles all around us to linger?  We may not be able to feed 5000, but we can manage 50 or 100, and before you know it, those 50 or 100 do add up to 5000.  And the remnants of that miracle can go on sustaining us.  Faith is a contagious thing! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. Blessings, Tom Stephenson, Friendship UMC,  Porter TX, February 26, 2012

I was thoroughly entertained by SpiriTed. The music and dialog made me think, laugh, cry and wonder about what I believe. Seeing these two perform reminds me of how God touches people and how we can minister to others with our gifts. Judie Strawderman, Our Savior Lutheran, Alamogordo, NM  March 4, 2012.

Thanks for your e-mail and for the great write-up, “A Chili Reception.”  I’ve downloaded your blog and will be placing up on our bulletin board. Thanks for adding us to your tour plans.  What a wonderful time we all had yesterday.  Your love for the Lord, the sharing of your faith and both of yours musical talents are extraordinary.  So many folks came up to me after the worship service to say how much they enjoyed the concert.  I especially appreciated your focus on the joy of our faith, and how we seem to be missing that joy in this great land, the home of the free and the brave.  If ever SpiriTed is in this neck of the woods again, please let us know. We’d love to have both you and Janet back in our sanctuaries to proclaim the good news and share your wonderful musical talents.   Your servant in Christ, Bob Webb, Rose Hill U.M.C.,  February 19, 2012

Dear Jonathan, What a wonderful experience the Six Word Tour is!  I felt renewed and inspired – ready to pick up and pastor my people with a more joyful heart.  My church needed what God did through you and Janet. The music was professional, yet presented with joy and thanksgiving, and your words were gifts of love aimed right at us. Thank you. Grace for the Journey, Rev. Regina B. Hickman   First U.M.C. La Place, LA   January 31, 2012

Thanks again,  Jonathan for including Atonement on your tour schedule.  It was a real treat for the whole congregation to experience your message and the creative way you present it.  It had a prophetic flavor to it, getting us back to what Jesus is all about.  And what. a joy to see you and Janet so “in-sync”.  God’s grace was shining out from you both! Peace my friend – Stay in-Spired! Pastor Scott Lindner, Atonement Lutheran, Wesley Chapel, FL  January 15, 2012

Hello Jonathan & Janet;    Let me say that your performance was AWESOME! Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed it. Bette, who sat next to me and my wife said you spoke to her heart and she was choking back the tears. Another comment was we should have more of these performances at the church so if you’re in the area, we’d love to have you stop by again. Your words rang so true. What a delight it was to have you both at our little church!

I would also like to thank Janet for her kind words of encouragement to my daughter Ashleigh. I feel she has a future in the arts be it musically or drawing. (She draws japanese cartooning called anime.)  Her band director has been giving her a hard time lately mostly due to her clarinet being out for repair for several weeks and the clarinet the school let her borrow was a piece of junk. It effected her grade and the director is on her butt about it. Janet’s encouragement gave her a “shot in the arm” so to speak and her attitude has improved. It’s so hard to keep these young people engaged in anything so I thank Janet for her encouragement.

I wish you continued success on your tour and pray that your positive message reaches as many people as possible. Stay safe and may God bless you. Sincerely, Brian Blackburn, Parish Office Administrator, St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church, January 13, 2012

 Blessings and Peace!   I enjoyed having you and Janet at the church.  I wish more people would have come to share your blessings. Comments that I heard from others: “They were such a blessing and lifted our spirits.”  “I enjoyed it so much the first night that I called  I knew to let them know what they missed and to invite them back on Thursday night.”  “For those who did not come really missed out on a blessing.” Jonathan:  I found your humor refreshing and enjoyed the way you opened up the feeding of the 5000.   God has given you and Janet a great gift!  May God grant you traveling mercies as you share the “Good News.”  Zig Bays, Pastor,  Alva United Methodist Church, Alva, Florida, January 4 & 5, 2012

The bow

2008 – 2011 Spirited recs

What a pleasant surprise it was to have such talented people come and entertain us with song, music and story. I only wish there had been more here to enjoy the evening, but those who were had a wonderful time. Pastor Ida Iverson, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Fernandina Beach, Florida, December 5, 2011

Wow! We just weren’t sure what to expect When we said “yes” to hosting Jonathan and Janet on their SpiriTed tour.   We were richly blessed!   Their music was amazing, and Jonathan has a prophetic voice that we and others need to hear in this divisive day and age.    Their time with us left us well fed and at the same time stirred up to see the world a bit more through God’s eyes.  Rev. Susan Briner, Sr. Pastor, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Summerville SC  November 3, 2011

Jonathan, Thank you and Janet for a wonderful evening of new and refreshing entertainment to prepare us for Christmas, a “good Christmas” at that. I found that we not only were entertained, but we left Faith UMC that evening being renewed with great worship! You and Janet are a “classy” act and everyone was filled with hope, peace, joy, and love for the Advent season. We felt the spirit that night, and we are “Spirited” for the entire season. God Bless, Pastor Joey Hatchell , Faith United Methodist, Smyrna GA, November 29th, 2011 

Cheraw, South Carolina was immensely blessed to have SpiriTed to lead us in worship at the First United Methodist Church. Jonathan and Janet were excellent worship leaders. Their talent, experience and passion for spreading God’s love were unstoppable.
I thank God for them. Paul Wood, Senior Pastor 1
st UMC Cheraw, SC October 30, 2011

The gathered community at Mt. Olive and I appreciated SpiriTed – the music, the laughter, the thought-provoking gospel stories told in a new way. It was a nice evening, a retreat from the business and ordinariness of life. Blessings to you as you continue your travels and reflections of God’s love in Christ in ordinary places in extraordinary ways.
Peace,  Dave Keck Mt. Olive UMC, Hickory, NC  October 27, 2011

Dear Jonathan,   Delighted. For sure. Delighted that you all took the time to pass this way and share with us. Delighted to have the short opportunity to be in ministry together. Delighted to see the Spirit of God do His work in us and with us and through us. Delighted to see hope come to fruition. You were very true in saying the other night that we were scouting one another out. I wasn’t sure what God was going to do with us or with you all on the front end of our time together. Will it be a good match? If it’s not a revival or renewal service, what do we call it? Delighted. It was renewal and a breath of fresh air from the Spirit.  Hopeful. Always. It’s so scary to take those steps of faith into the waters of the Jordan and so wonderful to see God do exactly what He’s promised. He gives us the places the soles of our feet touch. He promises to be with us. That gives us hope.  Thankful. Thankful for the ministry that God gives to SPIRITED each and every day.
God love and blessings, Rev. Nathan Snider  Chestnut Grove UMC  King, NC  October 6 & 7, 2011

Thank you so much for coming to our church! What a wonderful evening of beautiful, inspirational music,and helpful, hopeful thoughts about our life in the world! I enjoy reading Jonathan’s column Jonathots, and Janet’s performance on the wind machine was especially impressive.
May God bless you on your Spirited Tour. Pastor Steve Hassmer, Calvary UMC, Arlington, VA. September 21, 2011

Jonathan, Thank you so much for your visit to our church. The music was superb, and the message was exactly what people needed to hear. You have a compassionate, generous, evangelical heart… and a message of hope for a frightened world. Keep up the great work for the Kingdom!  Pastor Steve, Union Chapel UMC, Joppa, MD September 7, 2011

Dear Jonathan,  When your agent called me to see if Upper Dublin Lutheran Church would book SpiriTed the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend I felt my congregation would appreciate something unique. Your method of financing yourself with a free will offering and taking care of all your own personal arrangements made it an easy decision. I read your daily column, felt comfortable with your sense of God and your sense of call, and met you, Janet, and Dolly on Saturday. Experiencing your professionalism and interacting easily with you as you set up, listening to your sound tests, I was at peace Saturday evening knowing my initial impression was proving accurate.

 Sunday you fulfilled your promise to perform at all three services, rushing outside for our middle informal worship, giving me the glorious opportunity to know that you were so generous with your material. You always shared the same consistent message with different illustrations and music. Your particular emphasis as you welcomed us all to the feeding of the 5000 during our outdoor worship spoke directly to my troubled heart. Thankful to God for what I have, I will enter retirement giving what I have for what God wants done. Like the amazed congregant who tells me that she is certain I was preaching just for her, it is my joy to likewise tell you Jesus spoke to me.
God bless you, Albert I Douglass, Pastor, Upper Dublin Evangelical Lutheran Church  Ambler, Pa September 4, 2011

Dear Jonathan,  Those who were with us Sunday morning are still excited about the wonderful presentation that you and Janet shared with us. I truly appreciated your stories, the wonderful music but most of all your fresh perspective on the feeding of the 5000 and how most folks see obstacles while a few see through God’s eyes and see opportunities. Hurricane Irene was the worst storm in decades to hit our region. After the second service we looked out and saw that a big old tree had fallen and just missed the church. Many people in our area are still without power and the clean up continues. I mention this because our worship time together made me feel like one of the disciples when Jesus calmed the storm at sea. Yes, the storm was raging around us, but as we heard God’s word I couldn’t help but feel a sense of calm and peace from knowing that God was in our midst thanks to you and Janet.

You and Janet remind me of St. Paul. No matter how much adversity you have to deal with you still share the gospel. In light of the flooding dare I say, ”Come hell or high water!” Those who were present on Sunday morning are telling folks what a wonderful and inspirational presentation you gave us.

I must also comment about how “dead on” your comment was about the political situation in our nation today. It is so true—we are underestimated by those we have overestimated.

We look forward to seeing you again when you are in the area.I’m sorry the Berwick folks missed your wonderful presentation.
I look forward to reading your daily columns.  Please give our best to Janet, Dolly, and Jackie.

CAUGHT THE SPIRIT  Tom Richards, St Paul Lutheran Church, Tannersville, PA  August 28, 2011

Jonathan, your presentation, testimony, and marvelous musical ability by yourself and Janet Clazzy, was an awe-inspiring evening. Even this morning after our church-service so many of the congregation stopped me and remarked how wonderful the concert was and how much they enjoyed it. True performers, wonderful Christians, very humorous, were just a few remarks people have expressed. Thank you so much for a very enlightening evening and hope you can come back again.
Carol Koslo, Minister of Music, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Bangor, PA, August 18, 2011


Jonathan,  Thanks you for such a “Spirited”  performance for our parish.  The Holy Spirit has truly
blessed you and Janet with a gift of combining the love of God and the truth of His Word with grace
and humor.  The music was uplifting and the stories inspirational.  May God continue bless you and
others with Spirited performances.
In Christ.   Harvey Huth Arch Deacon Albany Diocese St. Stephen Episcopal, Delmar NY August 11, 2011


 Dear Jonathan,  I did so enjoy your concert
on Tuesday evening. The message was inspiringly simple…the best kind of inspiration!  We are in this world to work
together for the kindom of God. I especially appreciated your invitation to consider all different ways and language
and symbols that motivate us to be the best at who we were created to be–servants of a Christ who saw no limits,
built no barriers, and greeted each moment as an  opportunity to love and care for each other.  What a gift to experience
this in the context of moving music by you and Janet.!
Please come back. 
 Grace and Peace,  Pastor Pam Mikel Hayes, Cobleskill UMC August 9, 2011.

Dear Jon,   Thank you for stopping by last Thursday evening.   The event was nothing short of fantastic and inspiring.  Not only are you and Janet extraordinary musicians, but you both are warm and wonderful people who spread the love of Jesus through music and by sharing your poignant life stories.  Thank you for sharing your message and music with us; it certainly was a “Spirited” evening!
God Bless, Laurie Russell , Music Director, Fayetteville UMC, Fayetteville, NY August 4, 2011


SpiriTed is a delightful, fun and inspirational evening of music and story. Jonathan’s humor, message
and gift of music combined with Janet’s breezy, sometimes mystical melodies with the oboe and wind machine
make an enjoyable hour that leaves you wanting more.  We’ve invited
SpiriTed to come back soon!
Pastor David Blank, First Lutheran Church, Warren, PA July 22, 2011


Hi Jonathan –  Hope your travels are going well, and you are spreading SEEDS everywhere you go!
We thoroughly enjoyed the SpiriTed concert!   The stories, the music, the talent, the sharing of gifts
and testimony…..  I got a lot of good feedback –   Many said they had been truly blessed.
I specifically appreciated the way you supported me, as pastor, by reinforcing to my “sheep”,
that this “shepherd” loves them, and that God wants the absolute best for them!!
That is the message I hope I preach every week –  not just from the pulpit, but from my heart and
in my words and actions daily. You uplifted MY call, as well as each of the others present.
Thanks to you all!   Blessings on your way ~
Betty Bond, United Baptist Christian Church, Lewiston, NY July 20, 2011


SpiriTed was held on a very hot July evening with a small crowd in attendance.
Many speakers and singers rely on the energy of the crowd to inspire them.
That wasn’t the case with Jonathan Cring and Janet Clazzy.
The show they put on was performed as if there were 500 in attendance.
Their enthusiasm and passion shone brightly and touched the lives of those who
were in attendance. Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to inspire and encourage
us through your uplifting presentation!
– Rev. Dr. Keith A. Manry, Senior Pastor,
Akron First United Methodist Church, Akron, NY, July 19, 2011


What a dynamic duo!  These two troubadours for Jesus know how to move a crowd.
Jonathan’s wit and humor will have you laughing and thinking.
What a blessing, they really are SpiriTed!  Janet has an amazing gift playing the oboe
and wind machine.  They are a professional class act that has the ability to connect to
the gathered people.  We loved them and you will too!
Pastor Sam Troyer, Apple Creek United Methodist Church, July 10, 2011


My Dear Jonathon,
It was a wonderful and inspiring evening.  I have had many positive comments.
You will always have a place at Grace Church.  BTW…Joanna and I went out an
oriental restaurant on Friday.  My Fortune was…”Judge each day not by the harvest
you reap but by the seeds you plant”.   Wow!  God is so good.
That was definately NOT a coincidence.  Blessings to you, your wife and Janet.
Mickey Shankland, Grace Lutheran Church, Wadsworth, OH  July 7, 2010

It was truly a God-moment when I received the call, inquiring about the possibility of our
hosting you and Janet! Your messages were indeed blessings for us all. I can’t think of a
better way to be sent off to camp than to be blessed by the Gospel in music.
When I returned from confirmation camp, I had an email from one of our couples who
attended Saturday night, saying that they left worship feeling truly “re-charged” by the Spirit.
Thank you so much for sharing your God-given gifts with us!!
In Christ’s joy,
Gary Eichhorn, Our Savior Lutheran, Dayton, OH, Saturday and Sunday June 25 and 26, 2011


Wow! What a great evening. I appreciate that you communicated all along the way
leading up to the program. We didn’t have any questions or surprizes.
The performance was amazing.  By simply requiring a free-will offering
(rather than charge what your calibar of talent deserve), we as a smaller church
were able to enjoy a fantastic show.  Jonathan and Janet are extremely talented.
My only complaint was that it ended too soon.  God bless you all in this ministry
that you are presenting to the nation.
Mark Berg Stockwell UMC June 15, 2010

Thanks both for your wonderful presentation yesterday AND for the gracious
words in today’s column!!! You are right on target…I am the pastor left standing
—holding onto the remnant… This is a new day and God is going to do a new
thing in Delton. As Scarlet O’Hara said, “After all, tomorrow is another day!”
…Thanks for your kind words, wonderful humor, and lasting memory.
People were still talking about it last evening!) God’s blessing on you in the rest
of your journeys. Gary Bekofske Faith UMC Delton, MI June 12, 2011


Your concert was truly a blessing! What a wonderful opportunity to stop,
relax, laugh, be entertained and inspired all in one setting. I didn’t know what to
expect never having seen your performance before, but it was beyond my expectations.
If your are in our area again let me know! My only disappointment was in my
failing to have a larger audience. People little realize what they missed.
Thank you for making it a wonderful evening.
God be with you all and bless you.
Blessings in Christ, Milt Gould, Pastor Willow Creek UMC June 7, 2011


Jonathan and Janet,
Thank you for your gift of music and stories.  Sunday I heard congregation
members talk about laughing, crying and enjoying the music.
Thank you for your gift of two sets of stories and songs, those who were at
both services enjoyed each service.  Congregation members who attended
one service were sharing your stories with members who attended another
service.  Another member shared, those amazing stories of God’s work need
to be shared.  She continued, I know they happen in the world, and others
need to share and hear those stories.
Your message was a gift for me to me as a pastor.
I was able to sit and be fed through laughter and hope.
Your packet of information, the preparation phone calls and flexibility made
the whole event easy to incorporate into ministry and worship.
Although there was not leadership to add another afternoon/ evening event,
I am certain that coordinating a third event would have been easy for
congregational leadership.
Blessings to you as you continue to share Christ with others through the
gifts of music and story that God has given you!
Pastor Amy Fondroy Eich Joy Lutheran Church, ELCA, Prescott Wisconsin
Sunday May 22, 2011

This was my second time to experience Spirited, and it was just as fun as the first. This time, on Sunday, February 13th, we hosted five other Methodist Churches in the area and made it a celebration of Church unity and fellowship with a lunch afterwards. As always, Jonathan and Janet’s message was perfect for the event. We also asked Jonathan to lead a joint adult Sunday School Class before the program. His ability to engage a group and bring new life to the scriptures was a gift. If you haven’t experienced Spirited, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed! Jeff Gantz, FUMC Bay City , TX February 13, 2011

Jonathan and Janet were truly a “Class Act”.  Our congregation plus over 100 Winter Texan visitors were just delighted and inspired by the presentation yesterday morning.  We truly felt the Spirit of God dwelling in both Jonathan and Janet. When next in our area, PLEASE give us a call, this was the BEST.  Several of our Winter Texans want to bring them to their home churches up north.  We all felt very privileged to have them in our midst.   Blessings and Shalom, Dana L. Hamilton, Pastor,Island in the Son UMC, Corpus Christi , TX 78418  Sunday, February 7, 2011

Hello Jacqueline, Our congregation at Nativity Lutheran in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida was ecstatic about Jonathan and Janet’s performance at both of our Sunday services on November 14, 2010.  They added a certain pizzazz to our worship that was uplifting and exhilarating.  Their storytelling ability and music are first rate. Pastor Jim Bezaire

Every so often taking a chance really pays off. Jonathan and Janet were great. Their exceptional talent as musicians really mattered in this church that knows music very well. I was deeply touched by the presentation and at the end my emotions really got the best of me. I cannot take credit for canceling the bell choir rehearsal. The director of the ensemble did that all by himself. My only regret is that more of the congregation did not receive this blessing. I would be especially interested in booking them again for a Sunday morning when they are back in the area. I am happy to provide a recommendation. Here it is: Jonathan and Janet are performers of exceptional story telling and musical talent. They know how to connect with an audience and have fun. We took a chance and booked them without knowing anything about them. It turned out to be a great blessing to our church. May God bless you in this ministry. Dave Gladstone First UMC Port Huron, MI Wednesday September 15, 2010 

What a SpiriTed day we had with Jonathan and Janet! Both our traditional and our contemporary worship services responded with a standing ovation during their witness in worship. People were “wowed.” Each worship service was a different offering of God’s message. Even though they have done this many times before they make it fresh and real. They were personal and authentic. Set up and tear down was flawless and in a timely fashion. We would and will welcome them anytime and even at a moment’s notice. We look forward to keeping up with their ministry on Jonathan’s daily devotional. Pastor Keith Treman, Portland United Methodist Church, Portland Mi. Sunday September 19th, 2010

Performance on Sunday April 25th,  2010
The day with you was outstanding and the people of New Life where deeply moved by intertwining of music and story. God was definitely in the house and moving through you. Your presence was the culmination of a great weekend for us, with all of the great happenings, and a terrific capstone. Your gracious presence was inviting and you captured the spirit of our New Life community. I know that we will be talking about the day for a long time. We hope that we can have you with us again.
Pastor Rob Carlson At St. Matthew’s “New Life” Lutheran Church in Madison ,WI 

David J Whetter  Salem Lutheran church, Lenexa Kansas Sunday April 11, 2010  

Wow!  How does one describe a holy encounter?  At Salem Lutheran Church , part of our mission is to seek to encounter God in everything we do.  This past Sunday, Spirited came and was an integral part of our Sunday morning worship and it truly was a holy encounter.  As Jonathan shared his stories and talked about how God continues to work in his life in both word and song, Janet accompanied him with her own stories and offered her incredible musical talents with her oboe, and other horns.  Jonathan and Janet truly offered God’s Word into our midst.  With story, humor, and music, Spirited brought joy to people of every age.  Our children were dancing and our seniors were smiling.  God’s Word should bring joy to us and this past Sunday, Spirited helped Salem receive Christ’s joy in this glorious Season of Easter.

 Dear Jonathan and Janet…Thank you for giving me this chance to recommend your program to other churches. What a blessing we received at St. Johns ’ United Methodist Church . Jonathan and Janet truly brought a special “spirit” into our two morning worship services yesterday. Let me say that SPIRITED IS A DYNAMIC WITNESS TO THE POWER AND LOVE OF God spread with good cheer, great humor, and deep and sacred thoughts and punctuated with lively and inspirational music. Texas City was truly blessed by their visitation. I give them a FIVE STAR recommendation!  

Tom W. Crowe St. John’s United Methodist Church Texas City , Texas, February 28, 2010  

Jonathan and Janet are warm and very gracious Christians who genuinely thanked our church for the privilege of being with us for worship on February 21, 2010.  However, we were the privileged ones who were blessed by their incredible talent, awesome music, and down to earth sharing of life and faith.  They are “real” folks with a “real” story to share.  Thank you, Jonathan and Janet, for the gracious blessing!

Dr. Gail Harrelson, Crosby United Methodist Church , Crosby,Texas February 21st, 2010

Jonathan and Janet were well received. We had a great attendance. Initially our members were reserved, however, Jonathan was able to help them open up. We had over two hundred in attendance for the Sunday service.  I heard many positive comments; Jonathan presented a good mix of touching faith stories and humor which prompted people to actually
clap hands. This is something that doesn’t happen very often in a Lutheran church. At the end the congregation gave Jonathan and Janet a standing ovation!  I couldn’t believe it! We will remember the Sunday with much joy and  praise God for the ministry of “Spirited.”

Rev. Dr. Peter Stiller Redeemer Lutheran Church, Sun City Center, Florida Sunday January 17th 2010

Happy to send you comments made by our congregation after Spirited led us in worship on Sunday Dec 6th

  My comment is first, I can’t thank Jonathan and Janet enough for leading us in worship, I am sure it was second nature to them or else they are one with the instruments they play, and maybe that’s the Spirited part of their presence. I am so happy that Spirited came to our church for worship. It was a spirited filled space in time, from 4:30 PM on Saturday until 12:30 on Sunday as the two drove out of our parking lot. If I could hold time in a bottle I would forever bottle the 11:00 AM worship hour on December 6th 2009 at Bassett Memorial United Methodist Church.

Thanks again for your willingness to be present with the folks at BassettUMC.

  Several in congregation made statements of appreciation for this worship service. One comment was that the message was the pure gospel. A good sermon was preached in every word and each piece of music. Thanks for being with us, I want to make music like that one day, said one of our members.

We praised God today in this worship service. It felt good to applaud for the Lord. We give thanks for the gift of music with which God gifted to Jonathan and Janet.

Sunday December 6 Betty Marshall, 1st United Methodist Church, Bassett VA

I’ve heard so many good things from folks who heard you yesterday. One woman, who attended the 8:45 service, tuned into the radio broadcast at 11. She said, “He was right, he didn’t repeat himself.”

I’ve been thinking about what a unique blend of humor, humanity and down-to-earth (humus?) wisdom Jonathan’s stories convey. They are, of course, deceptively simple. Anyone who really listens recognizes the amount of work and really good scholarship that went into the writing of those stories. Then there is the music that frames the stories; the level of composition and performance is so high that it takes your breath away.

I was wondering why people as talented as you share your gifts with churches, and after talking with you both, I’ve concluded that you really mean it when you say that churches are the one place in our culture where people are prepared to change their minds.

As someone who has spent almost 40 years as a pastor, I want to say “thank you” for making me see through your eyes just how worthwhile it is to nurture a congregation dedicated to, as Jonathan says, producing good people.

Finally, it was amazing to spend the entire day with you. Those of us who both worshipped with you in the morning and then spent an hour with you in the evening, were not “entertained”, that word seems way too superficial for what you did for us. In some important ways, we were transformed. Jonathan said the same things in several different ways and they were important things. I, for one, have decided to quit being mean. If even one person at every church you visit makes that decision, you will make this a better world.

Again, thank you!
Pastor Roger Talbott, Elyria First United Methodist Church,
Elyria , OH Sunday September 20, 2009

Jonathan Richard Cring and Janet Clazzy show the congregation that the Gospel of Good News can be delivered in a more entertaining and creative way then most are accustomed to hearing or seeing the Gospel presented.  It was an evening of spiritual enrichment as both Jonathan and Janet touched more then our hearts and heads with their music and words, they touched the soul of each individual that attended.  The evening was filled with laughter, tears, and spirit-lead worship.  Every comment that I have heard have been positive.  The most common comment I have heard since that evening is “I wish more people would have been there.”  –
Be Blessed!
Pastor Frank Oakman, Northside Community UMC  Terre Haute, IN

Rev. Paul Armstrong Oak Creek UMC Oakcreek WI  August 10, 2009

I wanted to thank Janet and Jonathon for being with us August 10th.
While our attendance was unexpectedly sparse, those present were deeply
moved and motivated by your message (including myself).  Know that you
have my great appreciation for being with us and will recommend you
highly to others.  May God bless you in your continued ministries.

Jonathan and Janet blew into Medford, WI on Sunday, August 2, and with their “Spirited” presentation blew new life into St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.  With humor, powerful stories and incredible musical abilities Jonathan and Janet inspired all in attendance. We laughed, we cried… we made a joyful noise! Thank you Jonathan and Janet! We would recommend your performance to anyone and everyone!

Pastor Pete Warmanen, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Medford, WI August 2, 2009

Our church was privileged to host Jonathan and Janet in our two worship services on September 27 and believe me, we were blessed beyond words.  First of all, I found them to be by far the easiest folks to work with (and I’ve been in ministry for a long time).  As they led us in worship, their energy, warmth, humor, and spiritual practicality gave clear testimony to the Spirit of God at work within and through them……..to say nothing of their incredible musical talent.  Truly, we were inspired and touched by their ministry.  They also offered wonderful “package deals” on their books, DVDs and CDs.  Without any hesitation or reservation whatsoever, we recommend these two dear servants of God to all!    Pastor Coralee Cox Coshocton: Roscoe UMC  Coshocton, OH September 27, 2009

  Jonathan and Janet, Thank YOU!  

Their appearance was a pleasant interlude in the middle of the summer and brought together people from various aspects of the Neillsville community. Among the 50 or so people in attendance were a number of folks from outside our church, including guests of members and those who simply responded to the advertising. The mixture of commentary and music they offered was just right. One of our members commented that they were a pleasant surprise because she was expecting something syrupy and sentimental in the vein television evangelists. Of course people were intrigued with Janet’s wind instrument and all of the sounds she produced with it. Jonathan’s commentary gave us something to ponder and even sort out. What did he mean by “taking back” the church and country? I guess that is for us to decide. Thank you for this surprise treat.
James D. Mohr, United Church of Christ, Neillsville, WI 

Thursday July 22, 2009

Riverside United Methodist Church enjoyed an uplifting, humorous, heartfelt evening last week when Jonathan and Janet brought their message and wonderful music to our community. All ages, from small children to retired adults were in attendance. Jonathan is a wonderful storyteller and had us laughing through the entire evening, and Janet is an extremely talented musician. Bravo!


Riverside United Methodist Church

Park Rapids, MN

July 12 & 13, 2009

At our worship on Sunday, July 12 and Monday Evening, July 13 it was our privilege to have Jonathan and Janet share their music and message.  They are two of the most gracious and thoughtful people you will meet, which made working with them very easy.  Their music was amazing.  The message they shared was heartfelt, wise and reflected the amazing goodness and grace of God who is present with us in the midst of all things.  We were blessed and our worship enriched by their presence.
Roland Hayes, Pastor St. Michael’s Lutheran Church Roseville , MN

Thursday July 9, 2009    Dear Dollie,

Jonathan and Janet were here in New Ulm last night (7/9) and I am happy to say that it was a delightful evening.  Jonathan is a talented man and very gracious in sharing his music and faith.  Janet is a wonderful complement and tremendous talent as well.


The best thing I can say is that though we had a small crowd, it is the misfortune of those who did not attend that saddens me.  Everyone who came had such good things to say about how the presentation touched not only their hearts, but inspired them to think about ways they might be more creative in expressing their own faith. 


I will heatily recommend SPIRITED to any who would be interested in a special evening of music and Spirit.  Thank you all for your work and for the wonderful organization of both before and after.  You made everything quite easy.

Sincerely, Tim Anderson Christ the King Lutheran Church New Ulm, MN

Tuesday June 30, 2009   Dear Jonathan and Janet,

The concert was “one of a kind.”  Thank you for presenting God’s love in sucha creative way.  You are always welcome at Woodbine U.M.C.  The CD “Take Back” is so powerful.  Thank you for sharing such a difficult time and helping others to see God’s touch in all things.

Blessings to you both on a wonderful ministry.

Pastor Shurmaine  Woodbine United Methodist, Woodbine IA.

Sunday June 28, 2009  Dear Jonathan and Janet,

I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for visiting New Hope.  Your music and message were very much appreciated.  Everyone loved the way that you combined humor to make your message point of all inclusive and love for one another.  I think one of the best comments that exemplified our feelings was “I wish they could come every year!”  Looking forward to another visitation in the future.  Take care and safe travels.

Best regards,  Mark Scherer  New Hope United Methodist Chuch  Des Moines, IA

Sun June 14 PM, 2009  SpiriTed’s performance at Grandview United Methodist Church was a breath of fresh air on a hot summer evening.  Jonathon Richard Cring’s easy-going narration and soaring vocals were both entertaining and uplifting, while Janet Clazzy’s music was awe-inspiring.  Everyone departed the performance with rave comments and I am continuing to field questions such as, “Can we do this again?” and “When are they coming back?”  Members of the audience will continue to follow the on-going career of this duo for years to come and to watch for future performances in the area.  May SpiriTed’s future be bright and busy!
Pastor Sue Reames  Grandview United Methodist Church  Grandview , MO

June 14 2009    Our church enjoyed a great morning of music, inspiration and joy.  Jonathan and Janet bring spirit, humor and enthusiasm to proclaiming a gospel of acceptance, forgiveness and hope.  When your travels bring you to Kansas again, I hope we will have the joy of being “SpiriTed” away with Jan and Jonathan.


Pastor Shelly McNaughton-Lawrence Aldersgate United Methodist Church Olathe KS

June 11, 2009  Dear Jonathan and Janet,

Thank you for being with us at Elim on Thursday evening!  The feedback I heard has been positive.  People were uplifted, especially through the fabulous music and great humor.  Wow!  Janet is amazing on oboe and the wind machine!  “Being creative vs. a critic” was a powerful vehicle in which to bring to the forefront the many ways in which our society and, at times, churches polarize issues and people that can be destructive.  May God continue to work through your ministry to bring people joy and healing.
In Christ’s healing presence,   Rev. Cheryl Lamaak Elim Lutheran Church Marquette , KS  

June 7, 2009 Comments from Dr. Robert Toll, pastor of Louisville United Methodist Church, Louisville CO

Our congregation felt very blessed to have “SpiriTed” for an evening program in our sanctuary
on June 7, 2009.  Jonathan and Janet are outstanding musicians.  Jonathan sang beautifully as well as
played the electronic keyboard.  He also shared some very inspirational stories that touched our hearts.
Janet’s oboe playing on both the traditional oboe and the modern electronic oboe (which produces hundreds
of interesting sounds) complimented Jonathan’s music and message in a very special way.  Surely the
presence of the Lord was in this place when SpiriTed performed for us that evening.  It was magical!  I
highly recommend this couple to any church that is looking for a quality program that will lift the spirits
of everyone in your congregation!  I am enjoying listening to their C.D.’s and reading Jonathan’s inspirational
books that were made available after their presentation.  They were very inexpensively priced.    I am so
grateful for their Christian ministry.

May 19th, 2009 Dear Jonathan and Janet,   Thank you so much for ministering to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Twin Falls, ID, and to me. What a blessing you are!   (You may remember me; I’m the 68 year old woman who acted –and was—responsive and excited J ) Thank you for being so considerate of our finances. We run a small kitchen refacing business and our business is down 50% from even a year ago.
I have already read several chapters each of the froggie book and the gold digging book (which I like the better–terrific!)  I listened to all of your wonderful I’M CD last evening and this morning on my walk. It really made Jesus come alive for me. Beautifully written and read! I listen to thousands of books as a member of the Talking Books for the Blind and Visually Handicapped for 47 years. They are all read by professionals, but not even the professionally- sold books on cassette can compare to the incredible job you did ,Jonathan, reading your book and the perfect and appropriate accompaniment by Janet.

We are enjoying the music CD’s, too, and we are looking forward with great anticipation to watching the $6. Man this weekend.   God’s richest Blessings to you both.   Donna Erickson Our Savior Lutheran, Twin Falls, ID 

May 17, 2009  What a wonderful experience we had on Sunday afternoon, listening and enjoying the music, the stories and the reflections on faith from Jonathan and Janet. Janet’s gift of music entertained and inspired all those who attended from the young to the young in heart. Jonathan’s sharing his stories of faith and life gave depth and meaning to the music they shared. I would highly recommend them to any church or group that wants a time of outstanding music that connects faith to life. We hope to have them back with us again.  Pastor Michael Sager   Hope Lutheran Church, Eagle, ID

May 9th 2009,  We were a small group who attended the SpiriTed concert last weekend, in the Pacific Northwest, when the sun is out on a Saturday morning, people tend to change plans and head outdoors.
However Jonathon and Janet performed as if there were thousands, and we were touched with the holy that morning, through their music, stories and humor.  It is my prayer that they will be back in our area, so we can really encourage others to come out and have their lives lifted up.  Thank you Jonathon and Janet….you left your mark of the spirit on us, and we will never be the same. 

In Christ,  Marta Schellberg Bremerton UMC Bremerton WA

May 3rd, 2009  Jonathan and Janet not only provided wonderful music which was moving and uplifting, but shared with us a meaningful message of hope and possibility.  Jonathan is a superb story-teller and Janet provided a remarkable testimony with her music.  They are both gifted and grace-filled people.  Our time with SpiriTed made us SpiritFed and  we are so thankful for the time we  had with them.
The Rev. Mark Randall Salmon Creek UMC  Vancouver, WA 

May 2nd, 2009:   Engaging, Christ centered, encouraging, and an extremely thoughtful presentation that touches the heart, soul, and mind of the hearer.  Recommended for anyone who wants to see Jesus in a new and refreshing light.  There were no strings attached, no attitudes of superiority but just two people with servants hearts who wanted to bless people who are willing to grow in their understandings of Jesus.  For persons who have been confused, disappointed, who have struggled with some of life’s pains, you have an opportunity to meet the Master in a new way who cares deeply for your whole being.  — American Baptist Congregation, Portland , OR

Sun April 5 SPIRITED, two traveling troubadours for the Lord, visited us Sunday to share the stories and songs of faith.  On their arrival, they emanated a spirit of peace and love.  Set up was a breeze and getting to know them a delight.    Their desire was to support and uplift our ministry to the glory of God.  Their presentation was polished and professional.  More importantly, it was real.  They spoke, sang, and played the truth of God’s saving love in ways that brought us to laughter and tears.  We felt as though we had known them and they us for a long time.  They shared  the truth of their lives and how God is at work in mighty ways to fulfill His plan and purpose in each of us.  Hearing original music performed with such heart and soul from a tremendously gifted vocalist and pianist and a marvelous wind accompanist was a wonderful experience we will remember and talk about for a long time.  They left, having become our friends.
Pastor Carl Hoppman  St. Luke’s Lutheran Church Sacramento , California

  March 4th 2009  Dear Jacqueline,Greetings to you and please send my love to Jonathan and Janet.  It is time to jot you a few words concerning the March 4th 2009 show at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Goodyear , Arizona .  Martin Luther the great reformer once said that music is an endowment and a gift of God that it also drives away the devil and makes people cheerful.  Jonathan and Janet proved Martin’s comments true.  Through music that touches the soul and story which covey’s truth the evening left everyone cheerful and touched by grace.  Their short time spent with us is now a memory, a memory when recalled that leaves an indelible mark on one’s soul.  Thanks be to God for the gifts of music and story, and thanks be to God for Jonathan and Janet who share them with the world.   A special thanks to Dolly for spending time with me on the phone.  It is like I have known you all my life.  To you and Jonathan (and Janet) anytime you are in the Phoenix area my wife and I would be honored to break bread with you.   In His Service and Love,  Pastor Jeff Gallen Christ Evangelical Lutheran  Goodyear AZ

Dearest Jonathan and Janet,  

 Thanks for that wonderful uplifting experience.   The performance was joyful, funny, rewarding and thought provoking.  Both performers were gracious, kind, warm and extremely friendly–not to mention talented.  We would love to have you back again at Christ the Lord Lutheran Church in Carefree, Arizona.


Grace and Peace,

 Nancy Ireland

Chairman of Evangelism and Outreach Committee


Music to warm the soul, story telling to enliven the imagination, faith to give wisdom, counsel, and hope in our faithless moments. Truly an opportunity all congregations ought to embrace!”

Rev. Kent R. Lee, Senior Pastor
Gateway Trinity Lutheran Church, FL January 2009


Jonathan and Janet presented a wonderful program of music, humor, and thought provoking commentary. It was a most enjoyable event. Jonathan and Janet were warm, gracious, and friendly. Janet’s “wind machine” is amazing, and she is too.

First United Methodist in Atmore Alabama is happy to have provided the venue for SPIRITED.

Jim Reece, Pastor     Jan.30th, 2009


Dear Jonathan and Janet,


Just want to say thanks so much for the extra CD You are so generous!  When I first heard “Take It Back” the need to share it was clear. Tracks 9 & 12 are often put on repeat, the lyrics are amazing.

I enjoyed the copy of the daily blog.  I’m forever grateful to have encountered SpiriTed.  May you bless us with many more years of your work!  Sincerely  Sarah Marshall


Jonathan and Janet,
What a joy to host you here at Trinity. I’ve heard many comments about the gentle and moving way in which you presented the Gospel of Christ as experienced in your life. And, that instrument… wow! Of course the keyboard was great and we enjoyed Jonathan’s vocals but it was a treat to hear the many voices from Janet’s wind instrument.

May our Lord bless you even as you have blessed us,
…Jerry Milner  Florida January 2009


 What a blessing to have Spirited with us. We have two very different worship services with a wide range of ages and interests and Jonathan and Janet ministered to both.


     I get requests from outside groups almost weekly and am thrilled we invited this one. The music and the inspirational words were powerful.

 And Jonathan and Janet were very easy to work with.


     Any church looking for an affordable but powerful and meaningful worship experience should consider Spirited.

St. John’s UMC from Edwardsville, IL  Sunday November 30th, 2008



We were blessed to have Jonathan and Janet with us. God has given them wonderful talents and they share them graciously. I am most appreciative that they were willing to come on a “love offering” basis and then offered their books. CDs and DVD at an extremely reasonable price. It is obvious that they love the church and that this is a ministry rather than a performance.

Pastor Kathryn Hunter, Hibben UMC, Mt. Pleasant, SC, November 16th, 2008



Hi, Jacqueline, Jonathan, and Janet,

I am so glad to have the opportunity to share my thoughts with you about Jonathan and Janet’s visit with us this past Saturday.

Though our attendance was much lower than I had hoped, due I am sure to my own failures for which I apologize to you, the people who attended your performance were DEEPLY blessed and impressed.

You truly are “Spirited” and Spirit-filled, and the Lord speaks and sings through you both to prod God’s people into greater awareness, faithfulness, joy, love and creativity in service to Christ.

I cannot tell you how much those who attended “Spirited” have overflowed with praise for your spiritual offerings and gifts shared, and with the sincere desire that we will have the opportunity to host you again in the future. “Now that we’ve experienced it,” they’ve all said, “we want to be able to tell people what they’re all about and get all of Orangeburg in to be touched by them!”

Thank you so much for stopping in at our church. I will certainly be passing on your names to other ministers in our Conference, and will hope to be able to see you again in our area. We also, of course, would love to host you again at any time.

Thank you again.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Kristen R. Richardson-Frick, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Orangeburg, SC, November 15th, 2008


It was an awesome, refreshing worship experience for both services and all ages. I’ll get more comments for your marketing when my feet hit the ground.


Don Thomas, Trinity UMC, Knoxville, TN, November 2nd, 2008

Our congregation greatly enjoyed Spirited, finding them to be entertaining, warm, humorous, spiritual and uniquely suited for the balanced views of a mainline congregation.

Pastor David Schrader, Grace UMC, South Bend, IN, October 22nd, 2008


It was great to have you here at Christ Lutheran Church on October 5. Your proclamation of word and music was a breath of fresh air and renewing spirit for our congregational worship. One of our members, who was unable to purchase CD’s on that Sunday wanted to know if there was a
way to purchase recordings of Jonathan and Janet on line. Please forward information to me.

To You God’s Peace and Joy,
Pastor Ron Poisel, Christ Lutheran Louisville, KY, October 5th, 2008


Jonathan and Janet were delightful to work with and flexible in working around our scheduling issues.  You may have heard that this presentation, lined up months in advance, came at a perfect time, when both our ministers were unexpectedly away.
I’ve heard lots of positive comments from members: “Wow! Such talent!”

Our best wishes to all of you in this musical ministry.

Marti Johnson
Worship Team Chair
St. Paul’s UMC, Lenexa, KS September 28th, 2008

Dear Jonathan and Janet,

    We had a wonderful evening of  laughter and praise with you folks.  Everyone present

expressed amazement that more were not in attendance.  However, as Jesus said “where

two or three are together in my name, there I will be also.”  I believe our Lord was with

us and enjoyed and approved of your presentation.  Sunday nights at Highlawn traditionally

don’t draw a crowd, yet those in attendance were truly blessed.  I will surely pass your name on

to other ministers.   It was a unique and really amazing performance.  I have just one question

concerning Janet when she held on to that last not for so long; did she press one of those

250 sounds to get that much continued air out of such a petit body?

  God bless you and keep you safe on the highways – and provide gasoline in these days?


Sincerely,Keith Leap, Highlawn United Methodist, Huntington, WV   September 21st, 2008


  Jonathan and Janet brought a lot of joy to folks who came to their concert here in Elyria OH.  A week after two divisive national conventions, Jon healed our hearts with his description of the eagle that can only fly if it has a right wing and a left wing.  Janet’s music helped us soar. I would love for them to come back to lead worship.

Roger Talbott, Lead Pastor,  Elyria First United Methodist Church, Elyria, OH, September 7th, 2008

Our recent “Visitation” by Jonathan and Janet was a wonderful way for our church family to enter the fall season of worship. The stories shared were both humorous and pointed. The music was beautiful and uplifting. The “spirited” ministry made it so easy for us to host this special event.
Thank God for all you folks are doing!

Rev. Jonathan Reese,  Westbrook Park United Methodist Church, Canton, Ohio, September 7th, 2008

Thank you for coming. Though we were a small group everyone was delighted with the beautiful music, humorous and witty insights and the spirit of the program.  It was a joy filled night.  May God bless you in  your ministry.

Marcia, St. Paul UMC Frankfort, KY Friday, July 18, 2008

    We had looked forward with joy to Jonathon and Janet being with us this past weekend.  I have to say the mixture of love and laughter along with the insights into life and faith brought us that deep joy and abiding love. Please accept my deepest thanks!

Sincerely, Bob Howard, PastorPlatte City United Methodist Church (Sunday July 6th, 2008)

    What a wonderful experience to have Janet and Jonathan with us this past weekend.  They lifted our spirits with God’s spirit through their wit, humor, stories and songs.    They challenged us to hear, to see and to feel in new ways through God’s re-creative work in making our joy complete.  – Sherry Judy , First United Methodist church, Pascagoula , MS . (Sunday, June 15th, 2008)  

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and found myself inspired! Thanks for your belief in the church.  There is a lot of craziness that passes for the church and you brought some sanity, hilarity, and inspiration to us.   

Dennis R. Fakes, Pastor, St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Huntsville, AL 35801 (Sunday, June 8th, 2008)  

Jonathan and Janet’s visit to Franklin First UMC on May 18th was one of the more memorable experiences in my life. Jonathan’s obvious love for people and love of the Lord combined with his delightful – and insightful – sense of humor provided observations of God and life that touched the hearts of all of us who heard them. The beauty and depth of the music from Jonathan and Janet that framed the times of monologue warmed my soul. They are both truly people of grace.

I extended Jonathan and Janet a standing invitation to return to Franklin Ohio and I hope they are able to take me up on it. They certainly made this little piece of the world a better place than it was before they touched it. Thank you for introducing them to us and please accept my prayers and best wishes for the ministry they fulfill.

Blessings to you all.

Bryan Lauzau
Franklin First United Methodist Church
Franklin , OH
(Sunday, May 18
th, 2008)  

 My comments for “The SpiriTed” Presentation here at our Church in Hamilton , Ohio involve gratitude and appreciation.  Both Jonathan and Janet are filled with wondrous humility and warmth which were truly appreciated by our members and friends.  It is amazing to experience such humility from two people who obviously are gifted and talented in so many ways from the “Heavenly Spirited One.”    Their presentation is real and sincere and honest.  They varied all three services and took into consideration the different worshippers at each one.  It was a powerful morning for our church family.  Thank-you, “SpiriTed.”

Valerie Waibel, Lead Pastor
Lindenwald United Methodist Church
Hamilton, Ohio
(Sunday, May 18th ,2008 – 3 services)

I want you to know how much I appreciated your spirited talents!  I have been listening to the CD I purchased in my car and really enjoy it.  Below please find something that may be of value in seeking other venues…..


    We recently were privileged to have a special “SpiriTed” worship experience at our church.  We found the unique blend of musical instruments and interpretation wonderful!  Jon’s folksy and light hearted “message” was at once warm and easy to listen to, but also reflective of a deep well of spiritual insight.  Janet’s near “dancing” while playing her wind instrument was enchanting and uplifting.  The visual and auditory experience of worship will bring a unique and lasting blessing to those communities fortunate enough to host them!


Rev. Robert R. Biehler, Pastor

Paradise United Methodist Church, Paradise, CA
(Spirited, Sunday April 20, 2008)  

Jonathan and Janet offered us a “spirited” morning of story-telling, song and music that touched our souls and our minds as well.  We laughed, we cried, we applauded, we offered “Amens”.  Our beliefs and our outlooks on life were both confronted and affirmed.  It was a time of joyful celebration.  We can’t wait until they are in our “neck of the woods” again so we can do it all one more time!


Blessings in your continued ministry.


David Bennett, Senior Pastor
Central United Methodist Church
Stockton, CA 95204
(Spirited, Sunday April 6th, 2008)  

Thank you for joining us at Pioneer United Methodist Church ( Auburn , CA ) on Palm Sunday for a wonderful morning of stories and music.  One of the comments from the congregation was that you need a second CD with more of Jonathan’s wonderful voice, in addition to Janet’s marvelous way with the oboe and WX-5.  You are a terrific team and our prayers are with you on the rest of your California tour. 


Pastor John Broad
Pioneer UMC, Auburn,CA
(Spirited, Palm Sunday March 16, 2008)

Dear Jonathan and Janet –


We thank you for sharing your gifts of word and music in worship on March 9, 2008 in our sanctuary.  In general, your ministry was very well received and appreciated.  One of the comments was, “Jonathan seemed to be speaking directly to me and my inner spirit.”  One of our young persons said, “I want to learn to play that ‘air horn’ just like Janet.”  There were many fine comments.  The flow of music from floor to ceiling was very uplifting. The congregation was uplifted and challenged to show the love of Christ in their lives by the legacy of words and actions.  The Roseville congregation thanks you again for sharing.


In God’ Shalom,

Pastor Tim


First United Methodist Church

109 Washington Blvd

Roseville CA 95678-2247

(916) 783-3464

“The Mission of First United Methodist Church , Roseville , is to lovingly invite, nurture, teach, and send out Disciples of Jesus Christ.”


Our evening with Jonathan and Janet was a real blessing. Full of humor and deep spiritual insight, our congregation was engaged–everyone from young children to seniors–left wanting more. We would really enjoy hosting them again when they are in our part of the world! May God continue to bless this empowering ministry.
Judith Bither, Senior Pastor St. Paul’s UMC in Manteca, CA
(Spirited, Sunday March 9th, 2008)  

University United Methodist Church received the blessing of Jonathan and Janet at our three morning services on February 24.  Good humor, insightful stories, lovely music yielded a special morning for our congregations. 


I was particularly impressed with their professional presence in set up, performance and relationships with members of the congregation. 


They will be invited back to Las Vegas.


Art Gafke, Senior Pastor

University UMC,Las Vegas.

(Spirited, Sunday February 24th, 2008)  

Gratitude to Jonathan and Janet who brought their talents to Holy Trinity Lutheran, Chandler, AZ, this past Sunday.  Jonathon’s dramatic readings and original songs, lifted from his own experience, offer deep insights into the way of God and the way of humanity.  As I heard both deep sighs and laughter from parishioners all around me, I was drawn to Micah 6:8 and the prophetic call to justice, kindness and mercy.  Jonathon, along with the Janet’s marvelous music, became the instruments through which Jesus again offered the invitation, “Follow Me.”  Humor and Christian spirituality became “one” through these marvelous servants.


Lee Rehrer, Pastor

Holy Trinity Lutheran, Chandler, AZ

(Spirited, February 10, 2008)  


Dear Jonathan and Janet,
Your music was inspiring, and message was heartfelt. Something us
common folk could relate to! Thank you for sharing a wonderful God
given gift with the folks of Gloria de Cristo.
In Christ- Jerry Grill
Gloria de Cristo Lutheran
Yuma, AZ
(Spirited, February 3, 2008)

Recent Letter from Lord of Grace Lutheran, Tucson, AZ Jan ”08

Jonathan & Janet provided a rich and wonderful worship experience Sat. Jan. 26th, 2008. I had told them they might only see 6 in attendance. There could, on the other hand, be as many as 30. We had 27! Jonathan’s wit and relating things to scripture was especially good. Janet is a consummate musician. Her renditions on both instruments were really special. I have heard nothing but praise from the people who attended. We thank them for enriching our church with their presence.

Rev. Larry A. Woodcock
St. James United Methodist Church,
Tuscan, AZ

(Spirited, January 26th, 2008)  

Jonathan & Janet were simply a gift!  The presentation was engaging and

Thank you so much,
Rev. Jonathan Arnpriester
Sr. Pastor, Grace UMC, Mesa
(Spirited, January 7th, 2008)

Jonathan and Janet,


Thank you so much for the program that you presented last night.  It was funny, inspiring, high quality and at the same time doctrinally sound.  It is a relief to discover that some involved in the art and entertainment fields are people of faith who present something of the Gospel to people who never see a pulpit.  God bless you in your work.  If you return to Phoenix again, you would be welcome in our church. 


Jeff Hemken

Pastor, 1st Southern Baptist Church of Paradise Valley,

Phoenix, Az 85032
(Spirited, January 6th, 2008)  



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