The Triplet… January 17, 2012


In Philadelphia

It is musical–three notes, played in rapid succession, linked together on the paper in unity–the triplet.

We also have such a phenomenon going on in our lives, based upon the philosophical choices we make, which ultimately steer our emotions–either renewing our minds or keeping them tethered to former fears.

God is…

I am…

Why not…?

There it is. The word or words that follow each of those three phrases end up controlling how we look at our time span and also how we react to those around us. It is not that a belief in God, or even an unbelief in the existence of a universal creator, has to manipulate our destiny or our reaction. It’s just that we have some sort of inner barometer that generates our sense of good will based upon where we believe we were spawned.

It is the triplet: God is…  I am …  Why not?

What about for those who don’t believe in God at all?  Simple. God is not. I am here. Why not allow the weariness to overtake me? It is very exhausting to find oneself carrying the whole world on one’s shoulders.

How about this one? God is light. I am enlightened. Why not illuminate? It is difficult for us as human beings to replicate anything we haven’t experienced for ourselves. If we have seen the light, it is much easier to reflect its blessing.

God is dead. I am abandoned. Why not be lonely?

God is a judge. I am unworthy. Why not condemn others?

God is a consuming fire. I am scorched. Why not burn it down?

God is love. I am loved. Why not love my neighbor as myself?

God is far away. I am searching. Why not give into the darkness?

God is in heaven. I am on earth. Why not prepare for eternity?

God is powerful. I am weak. Why not let Him do it all?

God is good. I am learning. Why not imitate?

God is religious. I am human. Why not lie?

The triplet determines whether we are going to take our image of God and transform our lives into usable units of fruit-bearing favor–or just give in to futility. Desperation is what overcomes every human being when we really dislike the God we have chosen to worship. It’s a frightening thought. Matter of fact, it would be almost impossible to admit that the source of your devotion is also the origin of your disappointment. It would be like having a long-term marriage, bound by children, mortgages, checking accounts and responsibilities, but knowing deep in your heart that when the bedroom door shut, there was not only an absence of warmth, but a complete presence of apathy. It is something we all must understand if we’re going to actually allow ourselves to be emotionally clean, spiritually faithful, mentally alert and physically fit.

It is the triplet–the philosophical thrust that either pushes us forward, grabs us by our shoulders and stops us from progress, or casts us backwards into the pit of anxiety.

God is …

I am …

Why not?

What words would you fill in? What is the truth of the matter about your relationship with the One who decided to set this thing in motion? Or maybe you believe it’s all a myth. But if it is a myth, it has one reality–you. What are you going to do with that if the rest of the equation doesn’t add up? Think about it. What you decide, what you believe, what you walk in and what you possess will be determined by that triplet.

And because it’s musical … what will be your melody?


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