Crossing Paths … January 22, 2013


Jon SigningI often stand back in bewilderment as I gaze at the world before me and notice the perplexing battle between those who hold to religion and those who pursue the wonders of the natural world.

For those who insist on pursuing supernatural or eternal causes often feel compelled to reject discoveries and insights from psychology, science and business. It is their way of pleasing that which they consider to be present, but unseen.

Likewise, those who have harnessed themselves to the track of psychology, science and business feel an intellectual superiority over believers in fairy tales and magical books.

I say that I am bewildered–because I don’t find myself to be an extraordinarily intelligent fellow, yet even with my small teacup of understanding, I realize that truth lies at the crossroads of religion and knowledge.

In other words, God is not opposed to the natural order that He, Himself, created. He is not a schizophrenic spirit, dwelling in the realm of ghosts and goblins during the night hours, only to rise in the morning to shake off His previous superstitious nature and become the Great Mathematician and Scientist. No–He is the ultimate merger. And if I want to be successful, I need to learn to do the same thing myself.

Over the past two years I have become concerned that religion is being inhabited only by the fearful and disregarded by the creative. Simultaneously, I am equally as appalled to comprehend that the world of educational pursuit is in the hands of those who have absolutely no reverence for anything beyond the “tube of their testing.”

I would like to take a few days to clear the air. For I will tell you this: neither belief nor science, in and of themselves, provide solutions for the problems of humankind. It is in the great merger of the two–crossing paths–that we will find our peace of mind.

So if you don’t mind, tomorrow I will take on where the paths cross between religion and psychology. In the process, we will find true faith–because true faith is the acknowledgment that God is in nature and nature is of God.

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