I’m Looking For… A Christian Christian February 3, 2013


Here’s a strange idea that continues to plague my mind:  for some reason, I think being a Christian should have something to do with Jesus.

There are those who would disagree with me–maybe not in principle, but certainly in application. For after all, if we really did have three or four billion people on this earth who “loved their neighbor as themselves” and “did unto others as they would have them do to themselves,” I think the ripple effect would be much more noticeable, don’t you?

So someone has slipped in, in the middle of a dispensation, and replaced the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the life of Jesus with an idol of religious rhetoric. Now, I will not speculate on guilty parties, nor will I point fingers at any particular group.

But beginning with my own mirror, I am on a quest to find a Christian Christian. They should have a desire to pursue the lifestyle of Jesus. First I’m going to tell you three things that Jesus didn’t do. When you find out what people refuse to participate in, you have a pretty good idea of the backbone of their conviction.

1. Jesus didn’t judge. Not only did he say not to judge, but he insisted that he could judge if he wanted to, and he would work on his judgment being fair and true–but still selected not to do so. Do you follow that? That would be like me saying, “Don’t jump off a cliff. Now, if I jumped off a cliff, facts are, I would bounce, but you know what? I’m still not gonna jump off a cliff.”

2. He didn’t act religious. If he had acted religious, the religious people would not have been upset with him. Matter of fact, he not only didn’t act religious himself, but generally speaking, had a habit of attacking all religious concepts that didn’t have a practical application to human life.

3. And finally, he didn’t preach. The strongest he got with an audience was to teach them, but most of the time when he was in their presence, he told them stories to draw parallels about life and how to live it better.

He didn’t judge, he didn’t act religious and he didn’t preach. Let me see: what would happen if we simply removed judging, self-righteousness and preaching from the Christian church? (Manna for thought…)

So what did he do? Jesus was a human who found a WAY to pursue the TRUTH, while living an abundant LIFE. There’s nothing wrong with having a WAY you live. There’s nothing wrong with believing that to be the TRUTH–as long as it culminates with you living out an abundant LIFE. After all, there’s nothing more obnoxious than someone who appears to be fairly miserable who invites you to come Sunday morning at 10:30 A.M. to discover his or her secret.

I’m looking for a Christian Christian. I have not given up; I am not pessimistic. When I find this individual, he or she will be a non-judgmental, non-religious, non-preaching human being who has found a way to pursue the truth, while living an abundant life.

Anything else would not be Christian because it wouldn’t resemble the life and times of Jesus.

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