Quatrain of Knowledge … May 7, 2013


Something to know

Know to learn

Learn to grow

Grow to something

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  1. Dear Mr. Cring,

    My name is Alex Szollo, I’m 22 years old, I live in Timisoara, Romania, and I’m an avid reader. I have been able to read ever since the age of 3 and a half years old, which I believe was a gift from God, given through my wonderful mother who taught me the letters at a very young age to compensate my Cerebral Palsy. The first book I read from cover to cover was a children’s version of The Bible, a beautifully illustrated book that I still have and cherish for bringing me to God. Through that book I became acquainted with Jesus Christ, whom I recognize as the Son of God and the first authentic revolutionary in the world. My religious background is quite unusual: I was baptized as a Catholic, educated as an Eastern Orthodox, I have Protestant and Neo-Protestant friends. I do not consider myself part of a particular denomination: I do not know whether I truly am Catholic, for I cannot guarantee that my faith is universal, I do not know whether I’m Orthodox, for I cannot vouch for how right it is. I do not know how Protestant I am, for I protest against nothing in particular regarding Jesus. What I do know is the fact that I am a Christian, a follower of Christ. As such, I accept him as equally human and divine, and I believe everyone should.
    In divine terms, as stated before, he is the Son of God. In human terms, however, he is much more than those seeking to make him inaccessible would like us to know. He is the initiator of a revolutionary movement like no other. In a world waiting for a political liberator from a foreign power, he came and tried to make the people see that true slavery is that of the spirit. He had the courage to place the emphasis on those that society considered lowly and unimportant, making sure that they were all treated as equals. He taught of moral force, of turning the other cheek. How many of us actually do that today? He communicated age-old truths in simple images, yet few truly understood Him for what He was. He challenged the authorities of His time, which ultimately condemned Him as a rebel and executed him with the most painful and humiliating method there was. Yet he rose from the dead 3 days later, and His message began to be spread all over the world.I know you’ve written a novel about Jesus, from His point of view, called I’M: THE LEGEND OF THE SON OF MAN, which, from your description on Amazon, deals with “the heart of the individual”. I strongly believe that in order to fully accept Jesus’ divinity, one has to acknowledge his full humanity as well. We have a privilege: God became a man for us, to teach us how to be closer to Him. That’s amazing. The ultimate gift.I’d LOVE to read your awesome-sounding book, but sadly, it’s not available over here in Romania, and I can’t order it online as I have no credit card. I come to you with a request, one that you may treat however you see appropriate, I promise.
    The only payment I could provide for a copy of the book is a review on my blog, where I talk about all kinds of books that have somehow attracted my attention. I’d be honored to review this unique novel there and share my review with you. So if I sent you my home address and promised a review, could you send me a signed paperback copy of I’M? As promised, a negative answer isn’t the end of the world. Any answer from such a courageous author is considered an honor.
    Yours respectfully, Alex Szollo, book enthusiast.


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