The Four … November 17, 2013

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Athens parthenonCongress gathered together this week and honored their rituals and traditions, yet ignored reality.

Churches are meeting this morning, acting out their rituals and traditions, yet ignoring reality.

Even our families join in fellowship, enacting all traditions and rituals, but ignoring reality.

There are four of them–yes, a quartet of truths that cannot be ignored in the pursuit of maintaining the elements of a government, a religion or a people.

1. It takes work.

Any group that comes along and suggests that grace or doling out free stuff to human beings is a solution to our problems is pandering to the public instead of honestly addressing the needs of human beings. We do understand that it takes work; we just hope that in one area we can skip the labor and go straight to the miracle.

It is completely possible for God to give us grace but still expect us to get off our cans and do something. There’s no contradiction here.

2. NoOne is better than anyone else.

Any nation, style of spirituality or philosophy that contradicts this idea or adds exceptions to the concept is afoul of truth. There are no “chosen people;” there are no “special gifts” given to one over another. We’re in this together. Even when human perversion may seem to contradict the idea, we still have the responsibility to hold on to the principle with all of our might.

3. The truth will make you free.

Can we learn once and for all that the only sin in the world is lying? If we stop lying, we’re halfway down the road to repentance–and repentance is the opposite of sin.

4. Free will is sacred.

If you find yourself needing to control other people by either using your will or God’s will, you are already wrong. God would rather have human beings kill each other than take away their choice to do so. If you don’t understand that, you don’t get the power of creation.

I call this The Four. And I find that I only become confused when I turn my back on them.

  • When I think that God will solve my problems instead of using my own talent and work to do so, I end up looking stupid.
  • When I believe that I’m better than someone else, life always disproves my theory.
  • If I slide into a lie, thinking I can fool the public, there is always someone smarter than me who exposes my idiocy
  • And when I think I know best for everyone else and take away their decision to choose, the Spirit of God departs from my life.

I would welcome you to look over these and decide where you stand for yourself.

But I know that nothing of significance will happen in our world without The Four being given their honor.


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