Populie: There Is No Hell … March 26, 2014

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hellOnce again, politics, religion and entertainment have joined together to agree upon a message to massage the masses:

  1. No personal responsibility.
  2. No challenge.
  3. No questioning.
  4. No evolution.
  5. No real difference between evil and good.

The difficulty with this particular popular lie (thus POPULIE) is that when they seek a poster boy to represent their cause, they are shocked to discover that Jesus was actually a great proponent of hell. Now, maybe “proponent” isn’t the correct word, but since he was a common sense teacher, he realized there’s no yin without a yang, no heads without a tails, no day without a night–and no heaven without a hell.

The reason this “hell-free” populie is catching on so quickly is that it removes guilt, covers everything with some sort of universal blanket of grace, and makes everybody feel good about themselves.

The difficulty is that most of the time we are not attending pep rallies which encourage us in self-esteem, but rather, lying in the dark on our beds, trying to go to sleep and realizing who we really are, face-to-face.

Let me give you some simple points:

A. Effort without consequences eventually eliminates reward. Reward is a consequence.

B. Pursuit without a second mile leads to easily falling short of the first mile marker.

C. Salvation without responsibility generates lazy, self-righteous, yet unfulfilled disciples.

D. Entertainment glorifying the darker side of humanity discourages anyone from trying to be “the light of the world.”

E. Politics without progress fosters a ruling class of self-satisfied statesmen.

F. Parenting minus correction is the care-taking of animals which could have become human.

F. Romance without surprise is the doldrums of predictability.

And finally, heaven without hell is just a common bus stop for all travelers…instead of a new world for true explorers.

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  1. yes, I was raised to believe in hell…it was part of the child abuse of my childhood, coming from sincere, loving family members and pastors…at 82 years of age, I am still recovering from those wounds…I know a few parents who are relieved when their out-of-control child is imprisoned or even put to death, but, thankfully, I have never meet a parent who would punilsh theilr child forever


  2. This POPULIE on Hell is sooooo TRUE. If there is no Hell, then Jesus was a liar.


  3. Why would we want Hell? Do we seek the suffering of fellow humans? Is our reward sweeter knowing that others are pained? Nope…no Hell.Also no Devil. Once we remove the Myths from belief we can get to the ideas.Either Jesus is being misquoted or hes flat out wrong.Thats ok he was human too.


    • Thank you so much for your consecrated comment. Yet, your response addressed ideas not in evidence in the populie. 1. No one mentioned pain and suffering. God is creative. It is quite possible for him to instruct and redeem without hurting or destroying. In my book PREPARING A PLACE FOR MYSELF I describe a self centered man who goes on a journey to learn compassion culminating in his redemption. 2. Removing difference from human lives puts you side by side in Heaven with Adolph Hitler. I am not suggesting a lake of fire but serving at Abraham’s mansion, polishing the silver while learning equality of all God’s creatures would not be out of the question for Adolph. 3. Should parenting avoid punishment? Do we reap what we sow? Should lazy people receive the same benefits as those who work hard? Should people who persecute the LGBT community be given a free pass? 4. The Earth evolves towards balance based on the willingness to adapt. What happens to life forms that don’t evolve? Spirituality is not as simple as either this or that. It is understanding that a loving Father has blessing and chastening for each of His children with the ultimate goal “that none should perish”.

      Thanks or reading and sharing,



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