G-19: Woman and Man… April 11, 2014

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Two of them.

I honestly had not thought of it. I envisioned a caretaker, friend–sidekick.

Now we are considering a whole new species.  Not completely heavenly. Not totally earth connected.

It sniffs of disaster.

One of them creates fellowship. Two foster the grumblings of a revolt.

Reproduction. Yes, they will make others, especially when they figure out how good it feels to do so.

Then what?

They are too divine to control and too uncontrollable to achieve divine conclusions.

Maybe I should object.

Perhaps the man can be distracted. Well, of course he can. Yesterday he spent two hours trying to pick up a porcupine.

But who is he if I paint him into a corner of my own choosing?

Who am I if maneuvering my Creation toward submission becomes my goal?

Free will.

Yet I just didn’t envision doubling down.

I have one intriguing idea: aside from the girl and boy parts, I will make them nearly the same. Clones of each other.

Sex and similarity. The best path.

Will they understand?

It all depends on whether the monkey overrules the angel.

Wow. Risky.

But you see, I am not afraid of the challenge.

For I love mercy, not sacrifice.

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