Jesonian: Heart Creatures … April 27, 2014

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human heart

Some straight talk

We are human

Humans are heart creatures

We are emotionally driven

We are emotionally entered

Emotions require clarity

Clarity allows for purity

Purity is the removal of fear

Fear keeps us from love

Love allows for mercy

Mercy obtains mercy

First for ourselves

And then others

Humans are heart creatures

It is a balance of abundance and absence

Abundance of light, the knowledge of good

The absence of darkness, the knowledge of evil

The lie is that we need to study evil to be mature and understand it

Permeated with the darkness of evil

We become frightened to share our heart

Blessed with the light of goodness

We relax and allow ourselves to be transparent

Transparency opens the spirit

The spirit renews the mind

The mind motivates the body

We are human

Jesus says out of the abundance of our heart

We speak.

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