Two Out of Three… June 5, 2014

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Two out of three people met with each other before the vote.F-A25A2T

Two out of three portions of the Holy Trinity are not ghostly.

Two out of three times have no charm.

Two out of three of the Musketeers actually prefer the costume.

Two out of three people in a threesome wish you weren’t there.

Two out of three blind mice insist they have contacts.

Two out of three wise men are glad they didn’t get stuck with the frankincense.

Two out of three rings in the circus are in the dark.

Two out of three wishes are blown by nerves.

Two out of three days before Easter are spent in the grave.

Two out of three words in “I love you” are glad they aren’t egotistical.

Two out of three insist they ain’t bad.

Two out of three wrong answers means you will be back next semester to retake the course.

Two out of three excuses given are recycled.

Two out of three Apollo astronauts wanted to be Gemini.

Two out of three are glad they are not a crowd.

Two out of three members of Nirvana didn’t kill themselves.

Two out of three guys hanging on crosses are guilty.

Two out of three people reading this think that the bit is funny.

Of course, I exaggerate 66.67 % of the time.


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Arizona morning

After an appearance earlier this year in Surprise, Arizona, Janet and I were blessed to receive a “surprise” ourselves. Click on the beautiful Arizona picture above to share it with us!

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Click here to get info on the “Gospel According to Common Sense” Tour

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