PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant… February 4, 2015

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PoHymn Feb 4

Masterful Mix

Sometimes I am the healer
Others the leper man
I can be strong
Then. a bout of weakness
I triumph
I fail
Luck is at my back
The monkey takes its turn
Friends surround me
Enemies encompass me
Health is my companion
Sickness a present reminder
I am eternal
Suddenly temporary
I laugh with abandon
I weep alone
Continuing on in faith
Interrupted by menacing doubt
Me, ruling the world
At the mercy of the elements
If I applaud my innovation
Only to ridicule my faltering
I spend half of my journey
In a prison of my sentencing
For iniquity makes me grateful for grace
And grace reminds me to activate my faith
For with the knowledge of good
Is a hovering evil
I am me
And sometimes … able to be 

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