The Alphabet of Us: J is for Joy …… February 9, 2015

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Joy is the juice we freshly squeeze off the fruit we bear.


For you see, joy is the intelligent blending of self-love, faith in God and patience with others.

Self-love: whatever the circumstances, I am worthy of a second chance.

Faith in God: rather than debating the existence of a Creator, I will learn what I can from creation.

Patience with others: unless someone is threatening to take my life, I will let people choose their own paths.

I will answer questions yet I will encourage myself to stop questioning so much.

In applying self-love, we confirm our benefit by remembering a blessing which shouts loud and proud our ability to be productive. Honestly, I get myself in trouble when I think the present difficulty is more ferocious than past difficulties which I’ve already survived.

And certainly, the best way to spur on faith in God is to take on a human project other than yourself. In other words, help someone who is obviously less fortunate and less able to fend for their own needs. In doing so, you will squeeze out more of that joy juice which will initiate new ideas for your own predicament.

And finally, make sure you understand that the reason we express patience for others is because human beings are the only creatures on earth who have been guaranteed the breath of God. So if we find ourselves breathless with anticipation or calamity, the only place to receive breath is from others.

There is no divine heavenly air hose to bring us back to life. We get our breath from our brothers and sisters.

I have discovered that those friends of mine who have the correct balance of self-love, faith in God and patience with others always manage, in a season of trial, to muster grace and sprout joy instead of languishing in frustration or desperation.

Joy is a powerful part of our being. It is the only way for us to drink the spiritual vitamin C–that being “contentment.”


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  1. Hey, Jonathan,love your blogs…I send many of them along to my 53 year old daughter who has recently gone through a divorce and has changed religious allegiance from evangelical/pentacostal to Roman Cathollic…fortunately she found a local Catholic church that is a truly caring people. two small suggestions:
    1. in place of using the words, “you see”, perhaps use “I am convinced that”…”you see” feels a bit condescending to my ear…
    2. this you may already do: most of the time when a writer uses the word “chance”, the word “opportunity” is much richer and more appropriate choice in my view.
    Your friend in Helotes, TX, Chuck McCullough


    • Chuck: So terrific to hear from you and always appreciate tips from a fellow-traveler. Also delighted to hear that your daughter is receiving our mutual love and attention. I think my calendar tells me that I’m traveling to Texas this year. I will keep you informed. Scattering the seed, Jonathan

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