The Alphabet of Us: K is for Kind…February 16, 2015

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Building Block K big

All human beings possess a heart, soul, mind and strength. Nothing of any true significance can be achieved unless this is understood.

Two definitions.

Kind: (1) to express a gentle mercy. (2) to be part of the same group.

I am thoroughly convinced that if human beings celebrated both definitions–expressing gentle mercy because we’re part of the same group–an abundance of problems would suddenly melt away.

There are two steps necessary to achieve this:

  1. I remember what it is like to lose or get caught.
  2. I understand that I will fail again and face ridicule.

In embracing these two notions, we have complete empathy with our “kind,” and when we discover those who are losing and facing ridicule, a sweetness enters our souls instead of a desire to grab the rope with the lynch mob.

It is a balance.

Even though most individuals would insist they want to forget bad times, it is essential to realize that the best thing we can do is to create distance between our bad times. They go away for a while, but they come back.

It is a great mystery in life and certainly one of the questions at the top of my list when I encounter my Creator: why can’t I be a permanent victor?

Yet this causes us to foster the emotional makeup that says, “I remember and I understand.”

We cease to look at our neighbor as a stranger, but rather, a mirror image of what we went through just short weeks or days before. It makes us relax our judgemental nature, and we choose to find commonality instead of deciding to join the mob and bully.

  • Because of this, I understand bigotry.
  • Because my knees don’t work very well anymore, I understand what it means to be disenfranchised by disability.
  • So when I see an older person hobbling across the parking lot with a cane, I rejoice with him or her.
  • I feel kindness.

But it is impossible to feel kind to anyone unless you can say, “I remember and I understand.”

And once you do that, you develop the most powerful axiom in the encyclopedia of human life: I choose to refuse to abuse.


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