G-Poppers… February 20, 2015

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Little granddaughter asked G-Pop, “What is black history month?”

He paused, wondering what direction he should go with her question.

“Do you know what black is?” asked G-Pop.

“It is a dark color,” she replied.

“Some people have a dark color of skin,” he cited.

“I know that,” she sighed, a bit disgusted with G-Pop thinking she was dumb.

G-Pop explained. “But did you know that some people think skin color is, well, a way of treating people bad?”


Yes. Why.

G-Pop took a deep breath, allowing some oxygen to stimulate his brain to say the right thing. He continued.

“If you had four candy bars and you were very happy with your supply but you found out that your friend had four candy bars, too, how would you feel?”

Granddaughter didn’t pause. “Glad,” she replied. “We’ve both got candy.”

G-Pop smiled. “Yes, that’s what you should feel. A happy equal. But some people are mad if they don’t have more candy bars than their neighbor, so they strike out, steal a candy bar or two from them–until they feel they are better.”

“That’s mean,” said Granddaughter.

“It is. But some people are mean. And during the month of February, we get together and admit that meanness hurt our black brothers and sisters, and we’re working very hard to restore the sweetness.”

G-Pop peered at his granddaughter. He wasn’t sure she understood.

G-Pop wasn’t sure he understood.

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