Jesonian: 19 Things That Jesus Never Specifically Said… February 22, 2015

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1. Let’s go heal some lepers.

2. Neither do I condemn you–feel free to sin some more.

3. Everyone should be Jewish.

4. Let’s find hungry people and feed them.

5. Please stop trying to bear fruit.

6. We can eliminate poverty.

7. I support abortion rights.

8. Jews are better than Gentiles.

9. I’m really glad I’m dying for the sins of the world.

10. Let’s just agree to disagree.

11. I came to create disciples who would serve me.

12. The United States is exceptional.

13. People are born with talent.

14. Relax. It’s not your fault.

15. Life is run by your destiny.

16. I appreciate Judas for betraying me.

17. Family is everything.

18. Use the scriptures to judge people.

19. I love you.

Jesus was a person.

He had a mission. His goal was to deliver a lifestyle message to massage the human heart to feel again. Once enlivened, we are to use our emotions to be merciful and industrious instead of fussy and religious.

All of us–including me–need to cease using Jesus as the mouthpiece of our agenda.

He came into the world to teach people to take personal responsibility as they celebrate daily being born again.

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  1. These 2 are amongst my favorites
    14. Relax. It’s not your fault.

    15. Life is run by your destiny

    Thank you


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