The Alphabet of Us: L is for Love… February 23, 2015

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All human beings possess a heart, soul, mind and strength. Nothing of any true significance can be achieved unless this is understood.

Love is marginalized and trivialized–so much so that I almost decided not to include it in our “alphabet of us.”

This is because we think love is an emotion. It isn’t.

When considering faith, hope and love, the latter is always proclaimed the greatest. Why is that?

Because hope loses its energy and faith is often overcome by doubt. But love is a decision confirmed through endurance.

Let me give you the best definition I have for love:

Love is an abiding confidence which is so secure that it is able to manifest itself through a nourishing humility.

It grants us a balance of self-worth and self-awareness. Here are the three states which initiate love:

1. I am not better than anyone else.

The insecurity of superiority is what creates loneliness.

2. I am not alone.

For after all, when loneliness arrives, it can be a terrifying state of mind, which welcomes fear into our lives.

3. I am not afraid.

And if fear is forbidden to live within us, love is given room to breathe.

True love is not being given much of a chance nowadays because our society is tormented by a contention that we’re better than one another.

  • It makes us lonely.

It generates “us against them.” And then we become convinced that there’s much to be afraid of from enemies who surround us.

I strike a blow against terrorism every day by believing that I am not better than anyone else. This causes me to realize that the planet does not belong to me, my kin or my nation.

  • I am not alone.

And because I’m not alone, and I am joined by eight billion fellow human beings who are equally as intelligent and confused.

  • I am not afraid.

Love is not the answer; it is the ongoing question.

And the question is simple: “Do I realize I’m on a journey which will only be completed when I reach the end?”


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