Three Ways To Build Your Faith… February 26, 2015

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Our faith is usually drained by being punctured by some sort of disappointment.

It centers on three different styles:

A. “I am disappointed by people”

B. “I am disappointed by the response I am receiving.”

C. “I am disappointed by my progress.”

These disappointments take root in us because we ask a trio of foolish questions:

  • Why aren’t people nicer?
  • Why don’t people accept me for who I am?
  • Why are things moving so slowly?

Honestly, the answer to all three of these questions is, “That’s the way it was created and that’s the way it was meant to be.”

So until you tune yourself to the hum of the Universe, you will find yourself singing off-key.

Here are three ways to build your faith:

1. Stop needing, requiring or requesting the approval of other human beings.

They are going to be very busy with their own concerns. It does not make them selfish–it makes them focused and human.

2. Don’t try so hard.

The truth is, our “game face” should exude a peaceful joy. Sweating, frowning, grunting, groaning, bitching or sometimes even praying is a sign of a loss of confidence in what God has provided for us along with a belief that we “just don’t have enough.”

I have a simple philosophy: when it starts getting difficult, I take a break and re-think the process.

3. Set small goals.

This gives you a chance to celebrate as you go along instead of waiting for one huge graduation day to put on your cap and gown.

Thinking big might work if “big” was actually available to us. What is available to us is the present opportunity, how well we enjoy it, and how well we execute it.

The best way to overcome disappointment is to refuse to light the fire that sets it in motion–and that fire is easy to recognize: it’s when we begin to believe that things should be different.

Once you convince yourself of that, your faith begins to seep away, God seems a myth and the people you meet are just waiting to prove that they’re jerks.


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