G-Poppers… February 27, 2015

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G-Pop couldn’t find his grandson.

The birthday party for the little fella had been over for nearly an hour and the boy was nowhere in sight. Slipping into the garage to throw away a bag of trash, G-Pop spotted the birthday kid squished against the wall, tucked in behind a garbage can .

He was crying.

“What’s wrong?” asked G-Pop.

Grandson: Nothing. Just want to be alone.

G-Pop: On your birthday?

Grandson: (releasing a heaving sob) The kids are dumb!

(Fresh tears)

G-Pop: They gave you great gifts.

Grandson: I don’t care. They are dumb.

(G-Pop paused, giving the lad some time to think and space to breathe.)

G-Pop: They must be pretty smart. They like you.

Grandson: I don’t want to talk about it.

G-Pop: Well…how long are you going to live out here behind the trash? I’m only asking because I’m wondering if I should bring your toys and toothbrush.

(The grandson smiled and then giggled.)

G-Pop: Can you tell me what’s wrong?

Grandson: G-Pop, they called you fat.

G-Pop: Your friends?

Grandson: Yeah. The dummies.

G-Pop: They’re right. I am fat.

Grandson: No, you’re not!

G-Pop: Fatter than you.

Grandson: Well…yeah.

G-Pop: Fatter than your dad.

Grandson: I guess.

G-Pop: Fatter than President Obama.

Grandson: Yeah, he’s real thin.

G-Pop: I’m not.

Grandson: It’s still mean.

G-Pop: Well, it’s not a compliment. It could be an insult. But then again, it just might be the truth. You see, son, if I get a compliment, it’s nice but it doesn’t last very long. If I’m insulted it only means something if the person saying it matters to me. But the truth–it can make me free.

(G-Pop gave his grandson a big hug.)

G-Pop: I hope my weakness didn’t embarrass you with your friends.

Grandson: You never embarrass me. You are G-Pop.

The two buddies headed back into the house.

It was going to be just fine.


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