Three Ways to Curry Your Enthusiasm …March 5, 2015

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Enthusiasm is an emotional oxymoron.

To one person’s ear it sounds like a “rah-rah” attitude with very little substance to back up the initial burst of confidence.

On the other hand, trying to conduct business, relationships, family life or spirituality without some degree of enthusiasm leaves the surrounding terrain dusty and arid–a desert, devoid of emotion.

So what should we do? How can we curry our enthusiasm to our advantage instead of curbing it out of fear of coming across childish or over-wrought?

1. Stop faking your excitement.

Phony enthusiasm is not the seed that bears fruit for real enthusiasm. Instead, it makes us appear as lightweights, unable to handle the difficulties which will certainly occur in the process of pursuing a great idea.

You have to be honest–if you don’t feel it, you don’t feel it. And if you’re candid about it, the opportunity for greater insight which may stimulate your curiosity can come forth and provide you with a blessing.

2. Stop comparing yourself to your expectation.

There is a certain amount of self-satisfaction necessary for us to gain a foothold to improve. If we incriminate ourselves too much, we will kill the will to be better. So even in the midst of self-critique and the ravaging of our attitudes, we need to understand and retain the parts of us that are good and can be carried on into the next realm of adventure.

Just because I’m ignorant in one category does not mean that I don’t have valuable data in another. If you’re expecting to be right all the time, at least half the time you will be unhappy.

3. Start noticing people who are trying (including yourself).

The most beautiful sight you will ever eyeball is an individual who has made mistakes, repented of the deeds and is in an often-clumsy endeavor to improve.

Look for the smallest little jot or tittle or progress and extol it.

In a generation that believes that all of its virtue and vice is included in the womb-sack, you have an advantage by believing that you control your own destiny and choices. A world without enthusiasm is a planet devoid of the hope that stimulates faith which encourages love.

I would not want to live in such a climate–so I will train myself to have a legitimate enthusiasm which is based on my reality instead of fueled by my dreams.

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