G-Poppers…March 6, 2015

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“What’s a nigger?” the little girl asked.

G-Pop was startled. “Where did you hear that word?” he challenged.

“At school,” she replied tentatively, a little scared that she had done something wrong.

“From whom?” G-Pop pursued.

Her eyes filled with tears. “I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.”

G-Pop took a moment to calm down. “You won’t. I’m just curious.”

“Candace,” she said.

G-Pop nodded. He didn’t know Candace, but was well aware that the little girl had heard this word somewhere in her environment and had merely passed it on. G-Pop considered how he wanted to continue the conversation.

“What do you think the word is?” he asked.

“I don’t know. Does it mean somebody who’s stupid? Because the joke she told me was about a stupid person.”

“Close,” replied G-Pop. “But it’s not about somebody who’s stupid, but rather, the stupid person who uses the word.”

“It’s a bad word?” she questioned, a bit horrified.

“Worse than bad,” said G-Pop. “It is a word that makes people feel bad and worthless.”

“But what does it mean?” She was very determined to know.

G-Pop took her hands and looked into her eyes. “It’s what stupid people call men and women with black skin.”


“So they can feel powerful and important,” shared G-Pop.

“How does that make them feel important?” she persisted.

“Some folks think if they make other folks feel weak, it will make them seem stronger.”

“That’s stupid!” she screamed.


“Can I ask you about some other words, G-Pop?” she posed innocently.

G-Pop was a little nervous but responded, “Well, I guess…”

“Spic, chink, fat-ass, fag, and, let’s see…oh, yeah. Bitch.”

G-Pop took in a deep breath. “They are all just like the first word. Stupid and cruel.”

G-Pop couldn’t help but shudder a little bit.

“Then I shall not say them,” she concluded.

The little lady gave G-Pop a hug and ran from the room.

G-Pop pondered.

Maybe her generation will never say them.


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