Three Ways to Deal with a Disgruntled World… March 12, 2015

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Pause for a moment.

Sit down on any bench in any park or at any mall and listen to the voice of humanity passing by you.

Mingled with the occasional laugh and breathless walker, you will hear your brothers and sisters–upset, feeling cheated and often proclaiming themselves to be disenfranchised.


And even though we have convinced ourselves that having a negative view of situations is our God-given, American right, it does not change the fact that this profile of dissatisfaction renders us powerless.

There are three things that drain power from humanity. Grasp them, learn them and avoid them.

A. Complaining.

Every complainer is also proclaiming that he or she is a victim. He or she is giving over the right to be victorious to the complexity of present circumstance.

B. Superiority.

Anyone who feels their problem is caused by another human being, and that if they were left to themselves they would be better off, is a fool.

Superiority settles nothing, only creates a tug of war between competitors.

C. Procrastination.

It is very difficult to be upset when we have caused our own situation by avoiding the solution or doing it too late.

It ends up making us “watchers of life” instead of “doers.”

And I don’t know about you, but my experience tells me that those who watch become critics instead of fans.

Complaining, superiority and procrastination generate the disgruntled attitudes that render us powerless.

So what should we do in a world that seems to have donned the mask of discontent?

Here is the power:

1. I am where I choose to be.

This is probably the only guaranteed choice you will ever make. Find out who you want to be and where you want to be, get in there and stop giving up every time it gets a bit difficult. Let everybody know you’re glad you are with them.

2. I am no better than anyone else.

Make sure you believe it. Stop pitying people and instead, help them. Don’t look for reasons to be inferior only to rebound in arrogance. We are in this together, or we’re just “in this.”

3. I am going to do daily work.

Your prosperity for the coming year will be determined on how little you think and worry about the future. Successful work completed today makes less work for tomorrow and therefore, virtually guarantees success.

  • To complain about complainers is to be at the mercy of their complaints.
  • To object to bigotry and superiority is to admit that it has some sway.
  • And to lament procrastinators is to waste the time that could be invested in finding better employees.

Get the power or find yourself powerless.

Disgruntled is a hole in the gas tank of human passion.

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