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It was so important that Jesus closed out his epic Sermon on the Mount with it:

“If you hear my words and do them, you are wise. If you hear my words and don’t do them, you are foolish.”

In the pursuit of trying to explain salvation to the unlearned, we often simplify the procedure as being a “free gift,” allowing us passage to eternal life.

As a tiny mustard seed, this notion is accurate and certainly says that we are saved by grace. The reason the religious community fails to offer foundational lifestyle opportunities to congregants and impact the world around them by storming and destroying the gates of hell is because salvation is wrapped up in aluminum foil and stored on the shelf for the day of our demise.

We fail to realize there’s a difference between being a Christian and being Jesonian.

A Christian believes in the blood, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a tremendous comfort and certainly an assurance of life in the great beyond after this passage. But Jesus did not come to merely preach an eternal security. Jesus was more a lifestyle coach than he was an evangelist.

Even though we do not want to connote that any of us are “working our way to heaven,” we must understand that Jesus said we are working our way to earth.

By no means did he ever expect us to relax in our godly salvation, clutching our tickets for heaven and hoping we can make it through.

He envisioned a people who are the light of the world, the salt of the earth, know how to count the cost, bear fruit, multiply their talents, and follow his words faithfully, so that their foundation in the community of earthlings will be solid rock.

We rob one another of the possibility of God’s will being done on earth because we focus on God’s will in heaven.

What makes a life Jesonian?

1. It is a life where we honor the blood of Christ but realize that it is sanctified by his words.

It is not the other way around.

2. Jesus made it clear that there is a Father in heaven and a Mother on earth.

If we don’t know how to live through the rain without becoming disconsolate, we will never understand how to remain humble and thankful in sunshine.

3. God doesn’t work with nothing.

It took five loaves and two fishes from the disciples to stimulate the faith for the miracle of the five thousand being fed. Everyone who came to Jesus made a journey of choice and faith before arriving to receive his grace.

4. It is our faith that makes us whole.

Our faith is the willingness to work with Mother Nature and in so doing, honor Father God. Faith does not begin when we come to God. Faith begins when we take what’s been given to us, believe, work with it, and then come to God and ask his blessing, guidance and assistance.

5. And finally, Jesus wants us to be prepared.

There were five foolish virgins and five wise ones. What made the five virgins wise? Did they pray? Did they fast? No. They thought ahead and brought oil for their lamps.

This is why Jesus said that “he who endures to the end will be saved.”

Yes, we afford ourselves a spiritual salvation through our acceptance of Christ. But we confirm our salvation through the life we live through him.

I am not working my way to heaven. Since heaven is a place of spirit, my passage to such a utopia requires spiritual affirmation.

I am working my way to earth. It is my present dwelling place, where God expects me to have the wisdom to understand my surroundings and instead of rebuking them … find ways to take my faith and let it creatively make me whole.

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