PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant … March 18, 2015

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PoHymn March 18

A Workable We

Thought about vegetarian

But couldn’t “meat” the need

Wanted to become a doctor

But afraid to watch it bleed

Could have been a singer

But didn’t sew up a deal

How about a game show host?

Stymied by the wheel

Pondered pursuing politics

Yet couldn’t suffer to lie

Yearned to father children

Despised it when they cry

Dreamed of going to heaven

But terrified of heights

Made it safe to Friday night

But apparently missed the lights

Curious about kissing

She said, “Don’t give me lip”

Wanted to write a poem

Never, ever quite that hip

Went to see the sunrise

Peering to the west

Got to good and better

Yet never was the best

I shopped for a boat

But never completed the sale

Inherited a mountain goat

Without a suitable tale

I am a dollar short

On any given pay

But rich with thoughtful words

Conscious of what to say

I am the me that comes to thee

Searching for ways to be

Alive, content and satisfied

Creating a workable we.


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