PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant … March 25, 2015

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My Day in Court

PoHymn March 25

Standing, shivering

Trying to be brave

Reading of the charges

Waiting my turn

“What do you plead?”

Remembering my counsel

Don’t admit to anything

Stay mute, impassive

Plead ‘not guilty’

Hope for a technicality

Pray for a sympathetic jury

Confuse a witness

Cross-examine the expert

Develop an alibi

Appear refined

Emote confidence

Don’t take the stand

Refuse to answer questions

Guilt demands proof

Evidence is hard to come by

A hung jury

Leaves me unhung

There is no truth

If the doubt can be shadowed

There is no conviction

If the case is dismissed

Perhaps a lesser charge

A bargaining chip

Yet when can conscience clear?

If the “see” is murky






Some moment

Our lives will be revealed

Innocence impossible

Defense futile

The best plea?


Our fate left to the mercy

Of a court which considers how merciful we be

The sentence will eliminate

All questions

Closing the dangling clause.

“Hear ye! Hear ye!”

I am guilty.

An amazing verdict:

The truth has set me free.


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