PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant … April 1, 2015

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PoHymn April 1

A Valid Silly Gem

If A equals B

And B equals C

If I am a D

What equals me?

If God loves the Earth

The place of my birth

The question, you see

Does God love me?

Two roads in the trees

Tell me, if you please

I select my path

Will I face heaven’s wrath?

Boys are asses

Girls wear glasses

Who is smarter

Lads or lasses?

Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jew

Can they all be the Chosen Few?

Young, old, black or white

Please pick one–join the fight

Republican, Democrat cast a vote

Is one a sheep, the other a goat?

For some wish to complicate

Others submit to the realm of fate

Is there hope for human skin

A loss, tie, or can we win?

For I am the keeper of my trait

Yet change my heart, it’s not too late

For if there were no fire

Nor hellish original sin

I would still certainly require

Faith to be born again


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