Three Ways to Have Your Own Resurrection … April 2, 2015

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Coming back from the dead.

Pretty dramatic stuff.

Of course, we have a tendency to look on it as a regeneration of the physical body from “demise to rise.”

But there are many deaths–many lingering emotional and spiritual illnesses that teeter us on the verge of destruction other than just being killed off and stuck in a tomb.

In this Easter season, I would love to encourage you to find your own resurrection.

We all have dead places in us–areas in our lives we have given up on and tried to bury under an avalanche of forgetfulness.

But maybe there’s still hope. Maybe those youthful dreams and aspirations don’t have to be placed in the grave.

So how would you like to have your own resurrection? May I suggest three ways to achieve this magnificent celebration?

1. Every once in a while, let your critics catch up with you and criticize.

Even though we would love to be a self-contained unit, we all need input from the outside. Take a deep breath, put yourself in a good mood and let those who think you aren’t so great speak their minds.

Listen for content. If it gets personal, ignore it. And when you get done listening to your critics and siphoning off the portions that can be utilized, then ask yourself a very important question: who is more likeable, human and marketable–me or them?

2. Kill off some of your own “christ complex.”

Don’t wait for others to trim away your self-righteousness and crucify you in your own sense of importance. And always remember that doing good has its own reward, and also avoid sharing with the squares. Rejection often comes into our lives because we try to change the minds of those who are trapped in mindless activities.

Pride is what keeps us from discovering our pride, which always causes us to just become more prideful.

3. Take a few days away to bury yourself in awareness and appreciation, and then return to newness of life.

The value of being quiet is that you can hear voices from the outside and voices from your inside. There is no shame in silencing yourself in order to have the chance to discover what is really important.

  • Your critics will never destroy you unless you become defensive and angry.
  • Getting rid of some of your false expectations will only lighten your load and make you more valuable to the world around you.
  • And finding some solitude to heal and immersing yourself in awareness and appreciation, will only rejuvenate you in vitality.

I recommend this process once a year. If you pursue it, you can achieve what others haven’t:

Coming back from a dead past to a promising present and a fulfilling future. 

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