G-Poppers… April 3, 2015

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Returning to the house, the grandson entered the room in a fit of frightful anger, common to those who have not yet quite figured things out.

When G-Pop asked him what was wrong, he explained that he had shared with a friend at school about hopes and wishes for an Easter basket and candy, and how the fellow student criticized him and told him he needed to think about “Jesus dying for our sins.”

Since the grandson was a fan of Jesus, he felt simultaneously guilty for bringing up candy and angry that candy was being shoved to the background.

G-Pop listened carefully. He kept waiting for the little boy to pause and form a question. It never arrived. The young man did what a lot of human beings often do. He created a problem which he decided could not be solved in order to have a good reason to be upset and draw attention.

So absent a question, G-Pop provided an answer.

“Jesus had one really bad day, filled with pain and agony, when human beings forgot what it was like to let different ideas live among them without trying to destroy them. But most of the Easter story is not about a cross or blood and guts. It is about a resurrection. The resurrection does not establish the power of God. Jesus did that through his words, his life and his deeds. The resurrection is the visual confirmation by God the Father that life is meant to survive difficulty and end up joyous and victorious.

So Jesus does not want us to hang on the cross with him, or even give up things to prove that we’re thinking about a death that occurred 2,000 years ago. Easter is about having an abiding thankfulness for the sacrifice given by a brave Nazarene–and then to immediately celebrate the resurrection. In other words, find something to enjoy, appreciate and savor, to let Jesus know that dying was not in vain–that we have gained abundant life through the process.

I can’t think of anything that would please Jesus more than having a little boy excited about candy, ready to commemorate his life by opening up an Easter basket.

Should we be reminded of Jesus during Easter? Yes. But instead of dwelling on one of the worst days of his life, it might just be greater honor to focus on the thirty-three years of great accomplishment, and the one magnificent day of resurrection.

Enjoy your candy, my son. Jesus sure would if he was sitting here with us.”

The grandson was pleased.

G-Pop wondered if some people would think that more focus should be placed on the death of a Savior.

That will come with time.

Everyone has a face-to-face with the Savior of Calvary.

But once we’ve accepted the power of his gift and bravery, he expects us to move on… to joy that is full.

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