Jesonian: Lost… April 19, 2015

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The shepherd did a quick sheep-head count before leaving the corral. He was taking them out for an experience which eventually ended up in the wilderness.

Other sheep-herders were critical of him, insisting it was better, safer and more logical to keep the sheep cloistered and free of danger.

But this particular shepherd thought it was prudent and necessary for the sheep to stretch their legs, and in so doing, experience things outside their own barn.

It was an exciting journey.

There was a wolf here and there, standing at a distance threateningly, but the shepherd quickly scared them away.

It was near the end of the day–time to go back and rest. That’s what a home base is for–to get food, fellowship and rest.

So the shepherd faithfully did another head count, only to discover that this time he came up with ninety-nine.

One was missing.

This was not acceptable. Any loss of any sheep for any reason can never be considered “collateral damage.”

So the shepherd made a bold choice. He decided to leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness, feeling they had enough experience to survive for a few minutes, and went out to find the lost sheep.

As it turned out, the sheep got lost because it took a left turn when it should have taken a right, and in no time at all, found itself isolated from the contact to which it was accustomed.

The shepherd picked up the lost sheep and brought it back to the herd.

Unfortunately, several members of the sheep herd were disgruntled and upon arrival of the lamb, they listed their grievances. They expected these concerns to be addressed before total inclusion was achieved:

  1. Why did the shepherd leave them in potential danger to get the lost sheep?
  2. Where had that sheep been?
  3. Why had he left the flock?
  4. What steps going forward would be necessary to make sure this sheep was in submission with the will of the congregation?

The shepherd looked over the list and then burst out laughing.

He said to the gathered ninety-nine:

“I left you because I trained you to be strong, not weak. There are ninety-nine of you against one wolf. You should be able to handle yourselves. And as to the motivations of the lost sheep, or the weaknesses that may be involved, they are just flatly none of your damn business. All that matters is that your comrade–your fellow-sheep who was lost–is now found.”

Even though there were still some misgivings among some of the flock, the strong shepherd making it clear what the motivation was for this herd caused everyone to accept the lost sheep, and in no time at all … its errant path was forgotten.


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