The Alphabet of Us: T is for Truth (and also Timing)… April 20, 2015


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All human beings possess a heart, soul, mind and strength. Nothing of any true significance can be achieved unless this is understood.

I couldn’t make up my mind.

I was torn between truth and timing for this week’s “T” word in the Alphabet of Us. So at length I declared a tie.

But then, as I sat down and thought about it in preparing to write this essay, I realized the reason I had such difficulty in making a selection is that the two work so harmoniously together that separating them seems to be an injustice.

First, let me start off with a couple of definitions:

“Truth is what I have learned thus far.”

Since I am neither God nor privy to all of His personal thoughts, it is ridiculous for me to walk around espousing doctrines that are not totally my own experience. This definition of truth also leaves the door wide open for further discovery.

“Timing is what I’m ready to do.”

Once again, not what I wish to do or even feel compelled to accomplish, but what has settled in my soul as truth, which I am prepared to share in some articulate form.

I’m not so sure that life is the pursuit of truth, but rather, the acceptance of it.

Because denying the truth we have experienced in favor of the truth we espouse soon turns us into hypocrites. We convict ourselves to a prison with no escape.

Likewise, choosing the wrong time to enact our plan or display our gifts can be the classic case of “pearls before swine” and “giving that which is holy to the dogs.”

So life becomes simple.

“Let me figure out what I’ve learned thus far, and then, having that inventory, let me decide what I’m ready to do to promote this goodness.”

If we begin to believe that truth exists outside ourselves, we either become too prideful or too frightened.

If we choose the wrong timing to follow our dreams, we can quickly lose faith and have our hope turned to despair.

Do I know more today than I knew yesterday?


But only because I used the truth I had acquired and applied it with the correct timing.


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