PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant …April 29, 2015

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pohymn April 29

In the Mix

 I am a blessed man

In a beleaguered land

Sharing the best I can


I am a silly goose

Out on the loose

Escaping the hanging noose


I am a simple child

Needing to be mild

Running toward the wild


I am a son of Earth

Sailing a sea of mirth

Granted a second birth


I am spiritually poor

Never quite sure

Seeking a needful cure


I reject the lie

So when I die

My truth can fly


The law has a letter

But I know better

Than to be its debtor


I see pieces of me

In every single he

And my equal she


I consider my could

Whispering my would

Settling for my should


I am quite aware

I have much to share

But frightened to care


But there is no fix

No magical tricks

Just stirring in the mix

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