PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant…May 6th, 2015


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PoHymn May 6

A Hellish Dream

I dreamed I went to hell

It did not go very well

I expected to see killers

And there were the Millers

Who lived on Sunset near Bell


They sat eating Sunday taters

Gossiping like all known traitors

Believing themselves to be fine

A little whine with their dine

Complaining about the colored waiters


Nearby was Banker Bill

Consuming his usual fill

Speaking with great shock

Of losing on a stock

Failing to make a kill


The reverend droned a common prayer

The carpenter complained about his chair

The mayor looked for babies to kiss

The widow wept for the husband amiss

An agreement that life was unfair


The day finished with a yawn

Dusk coming to complete the dawn

The souls waddled to their places

With sadness etched upon their faces

Time to mow the lawn.


Hell was not what I thought

Things sold, others bought

It was just extremely bland

Like a beach without the sand

Ignorance refusing to be taught.

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