PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant … June 3rd, 2015


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PoHymn June 3rd

I Am Sleepy

I am sleepy

I’m not allowed

It is not time

I am grown up

Not a little kid

Why do they hate naps?

They like rollercoasters

That seems kinda normal

But some don’t like hotdogs

Perverted little twerps

I want to sleep

Or maybe a drink

Not alcohol, just water

Then I’ll have to pee

More movement instead of slumber

Maybe I could doze for a moment

But I hate that startled wake-up

Convinced everyone is staring

Why do I feel so lazy?

Well, not lazy–just drowsy

Say “drowsy” slowly

Sounds drowsy, right?

Maybe I have sleeping sickness

Don’t you have to get bit for that?

A tsetse fly

Someone made that up

They are laughing at me somewhere because I used it

There are other words like that



Mountain oysters


Yeah, some guy in Japan knows it means “poop”

The Japanese are laughing at us

Mainly me

At least they are sleeping now

They are in bed

Time zones

I am sleepy

Zoned out

Trying to stay awake

By being clever

But it’s “sleepy clever”

Which just seems silly

When you’re really awake

No one is looking

Just a second

40 winks

Maybe 44

What is that?

Did I just nod off?

I definitely lost 10 minutes

If you find them, call me

But not until later

Right now … I am sleepy.

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