G-Poppers … July 10th, 2015

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Jon close up

G-Pop sat and listened intently.

It was very moving.

The President of the United States was singing “Amazing Grace.”

Of course, some people would consider it a ploy. Others would insist it disrupted the separation of church and state.

Yet insane moments demand vulnerable souls to question the heavens about earthly things.

Amazing Grace. G-Pop considered the phrase to be two unique words.

Unfortunately, the human race often falls into two camps.

1. The religious: “This is who I am and I’m so ashamed, so I need God to forgive me or I am damned.”

2. The secular: “This is who I am so get used to it and damn any God who has a problem with it.”

It’s too bad.

In both cases, we start with an insecurity which we maintain, either out of fear or stubbornness.

G-Pop realized that he thought of amazing grace much differently. Two words.

Amazing–G-Pop believed that to be the definition of life.

He contended that humans have a simple responsibility:

  • Learn amazing things
  • Find amazing opportunities
  • Do amazing deeds

After the amazing part has been pursued and we ask, seek and knock–then we can lift our heads to the sky, smile and leave the rest to God’s grace.

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