Cracked 5 … October 13th, 2015

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Halloween Costumes That Demand Too Much Explanation

A. Invited to a Halloween party with befuddled high-schoolers, you arrive dressed as Richard Nixon, circa the Watergate years.


B. Attending the Women’s Club Fall Festival, you are dressed as an unopened tampon, as your salute to menopause.


C. The NAACP holds its Halloween party, and you come through the door as a ghost, draped in a white sheet, terrifying the attendees.


D. Raising some eyebrows at a Halloween party with the theme, “Dress As Your Favorite Book,” you have selected to portray The Kama Sutra.


E. The first annual Halloween excursion at the synagogue is interrupted when your Charlie Chaplin costume comes too close to looking like Adolph.

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