PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant … December 23rd, 2015

 Jonathots Daily Blog


PoHymn Dec. 23

At The End

I am not a terrorist

Nor angry, avid Baptist

Not a bloke on a “watch out” list

Just overweight.

I am not a vicious killer

Won’t find me a Hades filler

Sometimes even a “God willer”

Still, often dumb.

Never lost to hesitate

Got some good things as I wait

Chasing sense instead of fate

Somewhat forgetful.

My soul is never just “all’s well,”

Yet far from a devil’s hell

I zip my lip more than I tell

I can be quite boring.

Life is not about the race

Who we follow or do we chase

Sometimes wool and others, lace

I rejoice in my common.

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