Cracked 5 … March 14th, 2017


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In the classic movie, “Old Yeller,” a young boy is forced to shoot his dog because the animal has contracted rabies. Below are some alternate endings which the director rejected:

A. Turns out Old Yeller is faster than the boy. The dog runs away and joins the circus, disguising himself as “New Yeller.”


B. Old Yeller gets pissed and kills the boy–but absent mindedly returns home, where Dad promptly shoots him.


C. Old Yeller doesn’t have rabies. He just always hated the boy. That’s why he growls. They all have a good laugh.


D. The boy decides to shoot his dad and keep the dog.


E. Old Yeller is healed by an angel, and he and the boy regularly appear on the Christian Broadcasting Network, giving their testimony. (The dog also has the gift of prophesy.)



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  1. love number E!!


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