Sensitize … August 31st, 2020


If I know what I can do, I will do it.

But first, I have to really see it.

Every morning, Mr. Cring takes a personal moment with his friends.

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  1. For no particular reason, I don’t watch/listen to many of your “Sensitize” blogs. But I felt I wanted to hear today’s and I’m so glad I did! Not that it helped me to be able to do anything about this situation, but I believe what you said is so right! I hope and pray it will be read by some who can put your thoughts into action and do what they can to rectify our racial problems! I can only speak out in discussions, which are rare where I live. But I can pray that more innocent lives won’t be taken due to racial cruelty! Why is a person shot seven times in the back?? Self defense? Impossible! Thank you, Jon!!! Maxine

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