Sit Down Comedy … September 25th, 2020

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Sit Down Comedy

Finally, a crazy idea that has its day.

All my life, I wanted to tell Earth the truth. To a certain degree I have done so, but I have reserved this particular statement for the occasion of my demise,

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay on Planet Earth.

I cannot understand why so many people are so bitchy about it.

The climate is pretty good—and if it’s not to your liking you can move around until you find the sunrise and sunset of your preference. After all, there is snow if you want it, rain if you need it, mountains to climb and valleys to plant.

What in the hell more do we need?

Please understand one thing: It is not acceptable to sit on the mountain and scream at the valley.

You are also not allowed to think that nice people are sons of bitches and pigeons just because they choose to be kind.

It is time to be militaristic about LOVE. Love does not have an army, so to speak, but it does have ammunition. It ranges from tenderness to intelligence to intuitiveness.

Love can rock the goddamn world.

  • The medical field does not work without it.
  • The government is being debunked from ignoring it.
  • The church is pious when separated from it.

Find good and you will find God.

It’s that extra little “o” that guarantees it.

Goodbye, human race.

I think you have a chance—if you insert love every time you want to do nothing.

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  1. Excellent wit, taunt yet flowing, direct yet playful…spirited and on point…Quite like when I sip a shot of Irish Mist…Much respect to the spirit of Jonathan Richard Cring.

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  2. Jonathan Richard Cring was given that body, and that upbringing, and decided neither was an excuse to not love people.

    Whether in times of feast, or times of famine, his joy at the experience of being a human on Planet Earth was omnipresent. It courses throughout the blood of his works. It continues on in the lives of the thousands of individuals he encountered.

    Some of us may just have a strange story of this nice man buying them dinner once. Some of us are still breathing because of his intervention.

    I love you Dad. What a wonderful thing, to get that last hug, and feel it so fresh in my mind and in my heart…


  3. I guy I would love to have met! Rest in Peace!

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  4. So beautiful. Farewell Jon. Rest easy. Rest well dear man.

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