Sit Down Comedy … October 9th, 2020

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Sit Down Comedy

Today’s SIT DOWN COMEDY is shared by Justin Michael Scott, one of Jonathan’s adopted sons.


I had the good fortune to be raised by Jonathan Richard Cring. He taught all of his sons to aspire.

Here are four specific lessons that are imprinted on my soul:

Clichés aren’t just often wrong–they can be dangerous.

They bypass your own critical thinking and individual experience to provide an easy explanation.

Pop hated them.  I remember when I was 21 and off-the-cuff, I made a comment about Daniel Day Lewis, and how “all great actors have to be a little off their rocker.”

Pop turned to me and said in disbelief, “Do you have an opinion of your own?  Or do you just parrot what you hear on TV?”

Ouch.  Needless to say, I never forgot that comment, or what he was trying to tell me.

So when you’re evaluating a tough problem or giving counsel to a friend, if a cliché comes to mind—stop. Think again. You’ll be surprised at what your soul whispers instead.

Good Cheer is a Must

Growing up, I witnessed several occasions where Pop would plop himself on the couch, and refuse to leave the house until all frantic energy had dissipated and our group was ready to greet the world with good cheer.  For him, good cheer wasn’t a “friendly suggestion” from the Gospels, it was a life-hack—the foundation for he how interacted with people and approached difficulties.

Be On Time

I worked with Pop on several creative projects.  Once, we traveled cross-country to Arizona to shoot an independent film.  Pop had made arrangements to rent a house on short-term lease to be our home base throughout pre-production and shooting.

We we finally arrived in Arizona at our new temporary HQ, our landlord was late to meet us. After waiting another 10 minutes, Pop turned to us and quipped, “We traveled 48 hours across the country and arrived on schedule.  What’s his excuse for not being on time?”

Being on time is one of the basic considerations we give to others to let them know we care.  So I guess it’s no surprise here—one of his favorite gifts to receive on birthdays or Christmas?

A watch.

Love People

Ten years ago, Pop began writing personalized weekly emails to dozens of people. Despite a busy touring schedule, three daily blogs, and hundreds of other creative projects, he rarely missed an email to anyone.  In fact, it was a running joke in the family that on our birthdays or special occasions, it was essentially guaranteed that the first greeting in our inboxes would be from Pop.  He always remembered.

And he always prioritized loving the folks in his orbit.


Justin Scott is a filmmaker and lives in Shanghai with his wife, Angel, and their two sons, Wyeth and Noel.

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