Cring & Clazzy Present Concert in Ocala on March 24th


Brick City Center for the Arts to be Hosting Venue for 567: go tell it from the Mount

On Tuesday night, March 24th, 2015, at 7:00 P.M., the Brick City Center for the Arts, 23 Southwest Broadway Street, Ocala, Florida 34471, will be the hosting venue for 567: go tell it from the Mount, a one-hour abridged version of the original Broadway-style musical, Mountain.

Cring and Clazzy logo with borders

It will feature Cring & Clazzy, dubbed “the biggest 2-piece band in America,” presenting humor, stories, music, singing and contemporary insights, translating the original Sermon on the Mount into our everyday situations.

Jonathan Richard (Cring) is the author of eleven books, fourteen screenplays and the blogger of the longest running daily column on the Internet at

Janet (Clazzy) was the first female conductor of an orchestra in the state of Tennessee, a composer of music for the cinema and plays the oboe and the WX-5 wind machine, a horn touting the sounds of 250 different instruments.

“Next to the Declaration of Independence, the Sermon on the Mount is the most quoted document in all aspects of life. It is part of our pop culture and still has much to say to us today about how to escape some of our divisions and fussiness,” says Cring.”The music is accessible, exciting and because we’re not taking too much time, leaves the audience feeling invigorated and open to the idea that no one is better than anyone else.”

The concert is free, but a love offering will be taken up at the end to defray expenses. Books, movies and CDs will also be available for purchase at a reasonable price.

It is a program for all ages and all faiths.  For more information, you may contact (615) 243-4482.


Clazzy discusses the upcoming concert–and life in general as Cring & Clazzy–with Larry Whitler of WOCA “The Source” Radio in Ocala.

Click the “Mountain” for music and info on 567!

click above for information on 567!

click above for information on 567!

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